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Spring 2020 Student Managers

Evan Amatore

  • Hometown: Bethlehem, Pa.
  • Theme: Irish American
  • Date: Wednesday, March 18

Why he chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: I have wanted to be a chef for as long as I can remember.

Culinary inspirations: Chef Dario Chavez, my votech educator; Bob Wingrove, co-owner of Catering by Robert (retired)

Future: Subsequent to my completion of college, I would like to work as a banquet chef or caterer.

About his menu: Appetizer: Cured lamb and salmon sampler – cured lamb loin, Irish Mist smoked salmon with misty crème fraiche; Soup: Onion with stout and cheddar cheese – flavors of onion and roasted garlic. Salads: Grilled liverwurst – housemade, served with sweet onion marmalade; or pepper slaw – sweet and sour peppers, onions and cabbage. Entrees: Corned beef and cabbage – house-cured with potato, vegetable and horseradish broth; baked cod – wrapped in ham with sage, with colcannon and spring vegetables; Irish lamb stew – very traditional lamb stew; or broiled fillet of trout – served with colcannon and spring vegetables.

Chad Biichle

  • Hometown: Watsontown, Pa.
  • Theme: Southwest
  • Date: Wednesday, April 15

Why he chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: I began working as a dish washer then began cooking, and it felt natural. I fell in love with cooking and the kitchen.

Culinary inspirations: Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsay, others I’ve worked with

Future: I would like to work for Levy Restaurants working in sports food service.

About his menu: I am in charge of the Southwest region. This region is full of great spices, and is accompanied by creaminess and sweetness. Some good examples of these flavors are the lamb taco appetizer and the creamy avocado soup.

Cameron Cohick

  • Hometown: South Williamsport, Pa.
  • Theme: New England
  • Date: Wednesday, Feb. 26

Why he chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: Eosinophilic esophagitis – a reaction to certain foods – led to me finding out how much I love cooking.

Culinary inspirations: Gordon Ramsay

Future: I plan on getting a job in the industry, until I can either work my way up or save enough to go abroad, looking for the culinary secrets of each country.

About his menu: Cod cakes as the appetizer. Choice of New England clam chowder or cioppino soup. Salad choice of roasted red beet and goat cheese, or warm mushroom and Boston bibb lettuce. The entrees are grilled “day boat” scallops; lobster with pappardelle pasta; chicken and chestnuts; and seven-hour leg of lamb.

Madison Cooper

Why she chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: I have always loved to cook and experiment with food, and I want to learn more about food and share my interests and memories with the world.

Culinary inspirations: Masaharu Morimoto, because he trained for years overseas and then trained in the United States for a short while, and now his cuisine is known everywhere.

Future: My future plans after college include traveling around the world to experience all of the cuisines of the world. After traveling, I hope to open a restaurant with all of the cuisines of the world.

About her menu: Some Asian influence and a lot of different proteins prepared many different ways.

Hailey Dunn

  • Hometown: York Haven, Pa.
  • Theme: Napa Valley
  • Date: Wednesday, April 22

Why she chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: My passion for culinary started at a young age. I have always loved making people happy, and the best way to do that was through food.

Culinary inspirations: Guy Fieri

Future: I want to start my own business and explore all of the local foods that the U.S. has to offer.

About her menu: The Thai veal sausage was prepared by our Regional American Cuisine class and is sure to be a best-seller. We highlight the luxury of Napa Valley through the brightness of the first courses and the richness of the entrees.

Sherly Mendez

  • Hometown: Tobyhanna, Pa.
  • Theme: Southern Style
  • Date: Wednesday, April 1

Why she chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: I have always had an interest in culinary arts. The different flavors, aromas, texture and presentation of food always caught my eye. I wanted to learn more, and I found that I enjoyed cooking a lot.

Culinary inspirations: I was inspired by my parents. The process with which they made food, the rich flavor, and the culture behind it was fascinating. My grandmother and aunt also inspired me through their jobs in baking. Helping them and watching them bake are some of my fondest memories.

Future: After completing college, I would like to get a job as a line cook at a place such as Kalahari, in order to gain experience with serving large crowds, as well as help improve my skills, so that I can open my own restaurant one day.

About her menu: My menu consists of scallop and braised pork belly as an appetizer. A choice between Cuban black bean soup and peanut soup. Salad options are grapefruit salad and pecan Ambrosia salad. Entrée choices are pompano en escabeche, fried chicken, grouper and grits, or barbecue braised short ribs and grits. These are all chosen because they represent Southern-style cuisine, using ingredients that are widely used in this cuisine, such as grits.

Aaron Timmons

  • Hometown: Greencastle, Pa.
  • Theme: Chesapeake Bay
  • Date: Wednesday, April 8

Why he chose to pursue a culinary-arts education: I have always been interested in learning to cook and learning how to manage people, so I can open my own place.

Culinary inspirations: The chef that inspired my interest is Aaron Franklin, a James Beard Award-winning chef in 2015 for Best Chef: Southwest.

Future: My plans for after college are to open my own barbecue joint in my hometown. Then, at some point, I would also like to open a bakery.