Pennsylvania College of Technology's mascot is "The Wildcat."

Like many of us, this comical cat has not yet determined what it wants to be when it grows up. The good news is that Penn College offers degrees that work in more than 100 different career areas. So, there are plenty of ideas to consider.

Penn College invites children of all ages to use an interactive activity book to explore careers along with the wildcat.

2. Submit your picture.

When you finish your picture, there are two ways you can submit your work:

  • Scan or photograph it; then email it to
  • You may also send it to:
    • Public Relations & Marketing, DIF 30
      Pennsylvania College of Technology
      One College Avenue
      Williamsport, PA 17701

3. See finished pictures.

If you've sent in a finished page, look for it to appear in the Finished Pages gallery.

Activity book pages

Finished pages

Tristan, 3, from Montoursville
By Tristan,
age 3,
from Montoursville
Kayla, 7, from Muncy
By Kayla,
age 7,
from Muncy
Keysha, 16, Montoursville
By Keysha,
age 16,
from Montoursville
Tyce, 2, from Hughesville
By Tyce,
age 2,
from Hughesville
By Cierra

By Adele

By McKenzie

By Garrett

Norah, 4, Montoursville
By Norah,
age 4,
from Montoursville
Payton, 7, South Williamsport
By Payton,
age 7,
from South Williamsport