Watch degrees that work: Going Green

About this episode

While natural gas has been extracted for more than a century, advancements in technology have accelerated the industry’s development in recent years. The capability to access vast natural gas reservoirs contained in shale has generated a “boom” in Pennsylvania and neighboring states. The result is rewarding career opportunities, especially for those with a technical skill set. This episode of degrees that explores various career paths, explains the basics of natural gas drilling and production and visits a typical well site in north-central Pennsylvania. Considerable time is spent shadowing an automation technician, an IT expert and a welding engineer, all of whom are working in the field. As one of them explains, “Now is a great time to jump on board!”

Featured Interviews

  • Eric Albert
    Associate Professor, Machine Tool Technologies & Automated Manufacturing
    Pennsylvania College of Technology
  • Brandon Howe
    Senior IT Systems Analyst
    Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
  • Doug Martin
    Automation Technician
    Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
  • Thomas Murphy
    Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research
  • Wes Smith
    Welding Engineer
    Appellation Pre-Fab


  • Executive Producers
    • Elaine Lambert
    • Tom Currá
  • Producer/ Director/ Editor/ Camera/ Animations
    • Chris Leigh
  • Producer/ Writer/ Editor/ Narrator/ Camera
    • Tom Speicher
  • Production Support
    • Gerianne Tomb
    • Kathleen Hart
  • Music
  • Images/video courtesy
    • Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
    • Anna Marie Nachman
    • Chesapeake Energy Corporation
    • Marcellus Shale Education & Training Center
    • Pennsylvania College of Technology
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    • Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
    • Appellation Pre-Fab
    • Chesapeake Energy Corporation
    • Williamsport Area High School
    • Eric Albert
    • Brandon Howe
    • Doug Martin
    • Thomas Murphy
    • Wes Smith
    • Tracy Brundage
    • Jeannette Carter
    • Bentley Dill
    • David Gephart
    • Larry Kaufman
    • Cindy Meixel
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    • Ted Piwowar
    • Jared Rall
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    • Mary Wolf