Going Green: Agriculture & Recycling

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About this episode

"Green jobs" is more than a buzz term. It’s a reality that offers tremendous promise for our future. Pennsylvania reveals that promise with its Green Jobs Report, which identifies five green industry sectors employing individuals throughout the state and nation. This episode of degrees that work.tv examines two of the sectors: Agriculture and Resource Conservation and Pollution Prevention and Environmental Cleanup. From farm to plate, the effort of a committed sustainable farmer to produce lettuce is documented, and the viability of careers in sustainable agriculture is explored. A trip to the recycling center in Pennsylvania’s largest county reveals opportunities and challenges in the Pollution Prevention and Environmental Cleanup sector. The episode also includes a look at how colleges are incorporating green to better prepare students for an exciting future.

Featured Interviews

  • Tracy Clayton
    Kathy's Café
  • Chef Mike Ditchfield
    Instructor, School of Hospitality
    Pennsylvania College of Technology
  • Kim Seeley
    Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Johnny Tewksbury
    Tewksbury Grace Farm
  • Leah Tewksbury
    Tewksbury Grace Farm
  • Dr. Mary Sullivan
    Dean, School of Natural Resources Management
    Pennsylvania College of Technology
  • Jane Weissman
    Executive Director
    Interstate Renewable Energy Council


  • Producer/ Director/ Editor/ Camera
    • Chris Leigh
  • Producer/ Writer/ Editor/ Camera/ Narration
    • Tom Speicher
  • Production Support
    • Gerianne Tomb
  • Music
  • Executive Producers
    • Elaine Lambert
    • Tom Currá
  • Images/video courtesy
    • Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
    • Pennsylvania College of Technology
    • Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry
    • Pennsylvania Senate Republican Communications
    • Tewksbury Grace Farm
    • The NewsMarket
  • Special Thanks
    • Fred Becker
    • Cheryl Charles
    • Tracy Clayton
    • Chef Mike Ditchfield
    • John Galvin
    • Larry Kaufman
    • Jeannine LaPrad
    • Juan Martinez
    • Cindy Meixel
    • Jane Oates
    • Rhone Resch
    • Kim Seeley
    • Denise Sheehan
    • Dr. Mary Sullivan
    • Leah and Johnny Tewksbury
    • Jane Weissman
    • Tom Wilson
    • Jason Yorks
    • Blue Green Alliance
    • Lycoming County Resource Management Services
    • Kathy’s Café
    • Milky Way Farms
    • Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
    • Tewksbury Grace Farm

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