The Penn College Dual Enrollment program allows students to earn credits from the Pennsylvania College of Technology while in high school. Penn College Dual Enrollment courses are actual Penn College courses, taught in the high school or CTC by high school or CTC teachers. Most importantly, these courses are offered at no tuition cost to students and their families. Sometimes students do need to pay for books or materials, but this is still far less cost than tuition.

Students who successfully complete Penn College Dual Enrollment courses earn Pennsylvania College of Technology credits and graduate high school with those credits indicated on an official Penn College transcript. Every Penn College Dual Enrollment credit earned in high school is like a $558 scholarship to Penn College, and that adds up. In 2017-2018, high school students across PA earned over $3 million in tuition-free college credits through Penn College Dual Enrollment.

Here’s how Penn College Dual Enrollment courses benefit students:

  • Saving money! The more Penn College Dual Enrollment courses taken (at no tuition cost), the less money spent once it’s time to earn a degree after high school.
  • Saving time! Students spend less time earning a degree at Penn College if they have already taken some of the coursework through Penn College Dual Enrollment. Courses can also transfer to additional postsecondary institutions.
  • Pushing students to excel in challenging courses in a variety of areas. Students can take and succeed at college coursework in their high school/ctc environment, where they’re comfortable and supported.
  • Connecting students to “the college experience.” Through Penn College Dual Enrollment, students have chances to visit our campus, see our facilities, and meet our college faculty.
  • Building confidence in their abilities, no matter their strengths. No matter what they plan to do after graduation, if they have already shown success in college courses, they will be more competitive in both the job market and the college admissions process. Success in challenging coursework builds confidence as well as skills!
  • Increasing their odds of success in college. No matter what type of degree or which major they pursue, if they have already been successful in college courses and are familiar with a college campus before entering college as a freshman, they are more likely to stay in college once they enroll after graduation, and they’re ultimately more likely to complete their chosen degree.

For more information about Penn College Dual Enrollment courses at your school, contact:

Charles Benton

Director of Career Education and Academic Services

Dover Area High School Website

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Courses Offered: 2022 - 2023

Course Credits Course Name Textbooks
CAD120 3.0 AutoCAD - Comprehensive

AutoCAD and Its Applications Basics 2020
by Shumaker, Madsen, Madsen

Publisher: Goodheart-Wilcox
ISBN: 978-1-63563-864-6

HRT101 1.0 Introduction to Ornamental Horticulture

No text required

Please see the point of contact or Penn College Dual Enrollment course instructor at your school or CTC for updated textbook information.

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