There's so much to talk about!

It is an exciting time at Penn College and we are eager to speak with you! From the College’s first master’s degree program, to a new major in brewing and fermentation, and NCAA Division III competition for student athletes, there is much to make us Penn College proud.

When you see Penn College on your caller ID, one of us will be waiting to connect with you to update you on the latest campus happenings, learn about your life since graduating, and discuss your support of the Penn College Fund. By taking the call, you are helping us enhance our communication and networking skills, all-important characteristics of degrees that work!

We are excited to speak with you!

Zachary Kravitz, ‘20

Major: Construction Management
Hometown: Berwyn, PA
Favorite Class: Construction Documents and Specifications. Life is all about details and this class has provided the tools and vision needed for a successful future. 
Favorite Professor: Jason Krick. He has a true passion for his subject matter. His energy is contagious and motivates his students in a way I have seen from no other teacher in my life.
Fun Fact: I am left handed.

Zachary Kravitz ‘20
Olivia Lunger, ‘18

Olivia Lunger, ‘18

Major: Baking & Pastry Arts
Hometown: Elysburg, PA
Favorite Class: Chocolate Works. I have not worked with chocolate much so I am learning something new during each class!
Favorite Professor: Chef Charles. He has a lot of great industry experience in what I am looking to achieve after graduation.
Fun Fact: I have wanted to be a baker since I was 10 years old!

Ryan Monteleone, ‘18

Hometown: Stevens, PA
Favorite Class: Cryptography. The history of secret codes, ciphers, and strategically designing secure systems.
Favorite Professor: Lauren Rhoades. I had two math classes with her and math is my least favorite subject. Her passion for helping and encouraging me to continue was impactful. I will carry that with me forever.
Fun Fact: I am addicted to washing my car!

Ryan Monteleone, ‘18
Jonathan Hendrickson, ‘18

Jonathan Hendrickson, ‘18

Major: Software Development & Information Assurance
Hometown: Parker Ford, PA
Favorite Class: PL/SQL. It is a database course that includes programming structure inside of the querying language. 
Favorite Professor: Rob Cooley teaches multiple social science courses. I love his teaching style and acceptance of other people’s views. He is always ready to discuss things happening in the world around us and encourages us to think about how such events affects us here on campus. 
Fun Fact: I plan to have my skydiving license next year!

Natascha Santaella, ‘19

Major: Baking & Pastry Arts and Business Administration
Hometown: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Favorite Class: Chocolate Works. I learn so much each week and am grateful to work with the chocolate donated by Guittard.
Favorite Professor: Chef Charles. He sparked my love for chocolate. He helps me improve my skills and networking abilities. I have met many chocolatiers in the industry with his guidance. 
Fun Fact: I speak four languages.

Natascha Santaella, ‘19
Erin Shaffer, ‘19

Erin Shaffer, ‘19

Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Williamsport, PA
Favorite Class: I really enjoy my upper level graphic design classes. I like the variety of projects and the small class size when it comes to working with our professors and their critiques.
Favorite Professor: Nick Stephenson. He cuts to the chase about what he thinks regarding our designs. He also goes out of his way to help us network with alumni and firms in the field.
Fun Fact: I play for the Women’s Basketball team! Go Wildcats!

Kacey Shatzer, ‘21

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Carlisle, PA
Favorite Class: I look forward to all math classes and nursing clinical rotations.  
Favorite Professor: English was not my favorite subject in high school but this year my English instructor, Robin Stetter, has opened my eyes to its positives. Her passion for the subject, her writing and teaching style all inspire me! 
Fun Fact: I am a member of a volunteer fire company back home.

Kacey Shatzer, ‘21