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We want to learn all about your life since graduating and seek your advice as we work to turn our dreams into reality by pursuing an applied-technology education – one that empowers us to successfully join you in the global marketplace!

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Meet the Phonathon Team

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Everett Appleby, ‘19

  •   Major Building Science and Sustainable Design
  •   Hometown Wilkes Barre, PA
  •   Favorite class Design Studio 5
  •   Favorite Professor Niam Jabor. He is an amazingly talented designer and such an inspiration!
  •   Summer Internship I worked for Hyatt Hotels’ Corporate Facilities Management team in Denver, CO. I assisted with CAP-X and renovation projects.
  •   Fun Fact I have studied abroad in France and Italy!
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Sydney Brown, ‘20

  •   Major Information Assurance and Cyber Security
  •   Hometown Leesport, PA
  •   Favorite class Intro to Linux
  •   Favorite Professor Stephen Cheskiewicz
  •   Summer Experience worked at Reading Hospital assisting tech support with database management.
  •   Fun Fact I am teaching myself encryption and Python.
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Olivia Ferki, ‘21

  •   Major Plastics and Polymer Engineering
  •   Hometown Richboro, PA
  •   Favorite class Calculus II
  •   Favorite Professor Professor Mitchell. I appreciate his teaching style, positive attitude and encouraging classroom environment.
  •   Fun Fact I worked for NASA during my senior year of high school!
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Jordyn Kahler, ‘20

  •   Major Dental Hygiene
  •   Hometown York, PA
  •   Favorite class Dental Clinic Lab
  •   Favorite Professor Professor Strouse. She constantly pushes all students to succeed and provides endless support and advice!
  •   Fun Fact I like pineapple on my pizza!
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Zachary Kravitz, ‘20

  •   Major Construction Management
  •   Hometown Berwyn, PA
  •   Favorite class Construction Documents and Specifications. Life is all about details and this class has provided the tools and vision needed for a successful future.
  •   Favorite Professor Jason Krick. He has a true passion for his subject matter. His energy is contagious and motivates his students in a way I have seen from no other teacher in my life.
  •   Summer Experience I worked in the estimating department for IMC Construction in Malvern, PA.
  •   Fun Fact I am left handed.
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Andy Lin, ‘21

  •   Major Gaming and Simulation
  •   Hometown Pottstown, PA
  •   Favorite class Game Design. I love the prototyping and constant debugging to achieve a quality end product.
  •   Favorite Professor Professor Van. He is genuine, encourages learning and guides students to success.
  •   Fun Fact I am a HUGE Justin Bieber fan!
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Andy Luzeckyj, ‘19

  •   Major Automotive Technology
  •   Hometown Southampton, PA
  •   Favorite class All automotive classes. I love learning anything and everything about cars!
  •   Favorite Professor Mr. VanStavoren. He is incredibly smart and knowledgeable. He has a fun personality too.
  •   Summer Experience I worked at Faulkner Mazda in Feasterville, PA. I was a full-time technician and was responsible for completing basic maintenance and repair procedures. I also assessed and repaired cars traded into the dealership.
  •   Fun Fact I am a big Eagles fan and watch every game. I am looking for another Super Bowl win!
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Erin Shaffer, ‘19

  •   Major Graphic Design
  •   Hometown Williamsport, PA
  •   Favorite class I really enjoy my upper level graphic design classes. I like the variety of projects and the small class size when it comes to working with our professors and their critiques.
  •   Favorite Professor Nick Stephenson. He cuts to the chase about what he thinks regarding our designs. He also goes out of his way to help us network with alumni and firms in the field.
  •   Summer Internship I worked for The Beytin Agency in Washington, DC. The agency specializes in political advertising communication design.
  •   Fun Fact I play for the Women’s Basketball team! Go Wildcats!
Mary Watts

Mary Watts, ‘20

  •   Major Information Assurance and Cyber Security
  •   Hometown Quakertown, PA
  •   Favorite class College Algebra & Trig 2
  •   Favorite Professor Dr. Robert Mitchell
  •   Fun Fact I am a gamer, in my favorite online game I got into the top 0.1% of competitive player vs player gameplay. The server was all of the USA & Mexico.
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Danielle Wesneski, ‘21

  •   Major Applied Management, Baking and Pastry Arts
  •   Hometown Williamsport, PA
  •   Favorite class Cakes Pastries and Desserts. I enjoy learning about European desserts and look forward to applying my new knowledge and skills when we serve the public during the next 8 week phase.
  •   Favorite Professor Chef Todd Keeley. He knows what he is talking about and teaches in a very approachable way.
  •   Summer Internship I worked at the Cupcakerie in Morgantown, WV. It was a great experience professionally and personally, especially since I was living on my own 5 hours from home.
  •   Fun Fact I used to play the Viola!