Landscape/Horticulture Technology

Students Certified as Pesticide Applicators

"This certification is something that employers look for, so these students are at an advantage when it comes to finding a job," said Carl J. Bower, a horticulture instructor in the college's School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies. "Whether it is spraying or taking care of plants naturally, students have a much better knowledge of problem-solving pest issues once they graduate."

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A New Addition to the Program

A new addition to the program is a 7x14' work trailer with a great wrap. We will use this trailer for when we are working off campus in our labs, most specifically our landscape construction lab.

Landscape/Horticulture trailer

When we work off campus it takes time loading and unloading tools and this will be a much more efficient way to get to those jobs and have the tools we need. Much the same way that industry uses enclosed trailers we are trying to prepare students for the real world. While it is out on the job this will help portray the professional image we are trying to foster in the students.

Students Plan to Travel to National Competition

National Collegiate Landscape Competition Logo

Eight students, along with instructor Carl Bower, and 1978 graduate Ronald A. Burger will once again make a trip to compete in the National Collegiate Landscape Competition (formerly Student Career Days) which is put on by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (formerly PLANET). The contest, which celebrates 40 years, will take place where it started at Mississippi State University.

Penn College Students Among Top 10 Finishers at Landscape Event

Horticulture students

Horticulture students from Pennsylvania College of Technology finished in the top 10 of three categories in the Professional Landscape Network’s 39th annual Student Career Days held in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Attend Open House
Saturday, April 2

Open House

If you'd like to learn more about our landscape/horticulture technology program, plan to visit the Schneebeli Earth Science Center and the main campus during Open House on Saturday, April 2. This is an excellent opportunity to see the full campus in action, meet faculty and staff, and view student projects.

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