Corporate Tomorrow Makers Tuition Discount Program

Thank you for joining our mission as a valued partner. As a token of our gratitude, employees of participating Corporate Tomorrow Makers can now save 25% on tuition when pursuing an online bachelor's completion degree in Applied Health Studies or Applied Management.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Whether you're a corporate partner or a soon-to-be student, there are lots of perks to taking advantage of this program.

Corporate Tomorrow Makers

Continuing education opportunities are an excellent way to set your employees up for success. After you enroll, we'll be in touch to provide you with tools to help you promote this benefit to your employees, talk about how we can help support the process, and discuss methods to verify employment and enrollment status.

Future Penn College Students

The value of higher education can't be overstated. Whether your employees are interested in expanding their role in healthcare or business, our programs will position them for new and exciting opportunities. As long as you are enrolled and all other requirements are met, your employees can start saving 25%

Career-Advancing Online Programs

This tuition discount program applies to these two bachelor-completion degree programs.

Applied Management

An excellent choice for individuals interested in advancement and management opportunities across all industries.

Healthcare Leadership & Administration

Ideal for working healthcare professionals interested in expanded clinical roles in management and administration.

Here's how the program works:


Opt into the Tuition Discount Program.

Simply fill out the employer interest form below.



Receive confirmation information from Penn College.

We will be in touch via email with details regarding how to promote this offering.


Promote Tuition Discount Program to employees.

Invite staff to complete the employee form to take advantage of the discount.

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Enroll Today

If you're a Corporate Tomorrow Maker and wish to opt into this pilot program, please complete the form below. 

Corporate Tomorrow Maker
Company Representative
Please include contact information for the individual responsible for communicating this benefit to your employees. This may be a representative in marketing or human resources.

Employer Program Details


To participate in this program, Corporate Tomorrow Makers will:

  • Actively promote and present the discount program to their full-time employees through appropriate marketing materials, benefits package, and benefits orientation/overview
  • Provide promotional information about the discount program provided by Penn College in appropriate prominent locations on their website and any internal sites
  • Provide Penn College the opportunity to visit the Corporate Tomorrow Maker’s business location(s) or conduct virtual meetings for the purpose of meeting with prospective students and/or presenting a physical display when it is mutually agreeable to both parties
  • Provide or assist with verification of full-time employment for any employee who enrolls into one of Penn College’s CTM Approved Programs under the tuition discount program
  • Advise of any change in employment status for any employee who enrolls into Penn College’s CTM Approved Programs under the tuition discount program.

We are here to help.

Questions? Connect with your relationship manager today or reach out to us via email.

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