Premiere: September 1996

Last Season: Season 7 (2004-05)

History of the Show

September 1996

"You're the Chef" premiered on local cable in Williamsport, PA. In just two years, the program aired in about 3 million homes through local cable systems in Pennsylvania, New York, Colorado, California, and Georgia.

Fall 1998

Attracted by the format and content of the series, WVIA-TV, northeastern Pennsylvania's PBS member station, helped transform "You're the Chef" into a series seen exclusively on public television.

Spring 1999

"You're the Chef" broadcast in four Pennsylvania markets and seen in areas of New Jersey and Delaware.

Third Season (2000-01)

"You're the Chef" entered new markets in Ohio and New York. Beginning in February 2001, national distribution through National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) began. In its first round of national distribution, "You're the Chef" covered over 30 % of all U.S. television households as the series found its way into 34 markets, including top markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

Fourth Season (2001-02)

In late Fall 2001, NETA began distributing "You're the Chef" nationwide. The new season caught on with many affiliates across the country. By April, "You're the Chef" aired on 83 stations covering over 40 % of the nation's television households.

Fifth Season (2002-03)

"You're the Chef" found its way to nearly 50 % of the country. In the spring of 2003, "You're the Chef" reached a new milestone with the addition of its first international outlet. An educational satellite station in Japan dubbed the series in Japanese and began sharing the series throughout the island nation. The fifth season also brought "You're the Chef's" second consecutive Mid-Atlantic Emmy nomination.

Sixth Season (2003-04)

"You're the Chef" entered new markets and earned its first Crystal Award in the Communicator competition. The "You're the Chef" Web site earned a 2003 Standard of Excellence WebAward.

Seventh Season (2004-05)

"You're the Chef" reached new heights. While still featuring family-friendly practical recipes made with readily available ingredients, a change in music and graphics and the addition of on-location footage gave the series a fresh feel. The infusion of "the heartland of Pennsylvania" theme also invigorated the series. The season's premiere episode captured the series' second Crystal Award.


"You're the Chef" has been honored for excellence with: 2 Emmy Nominations; 2 Telly Awards; Gold and Silver Paragon Awards; Silver and Merit Awards from Admissions Marketing Report Publications; and 2 Crystal Awards of Excellence, the highest honor from the Communicator Awards. The "You're the Chef" website has been honored with a Standard of Excellence WebAward.


Season One

# 101 "Meals in Minutes"

Chef Paul Mach proves to cooking novice Tom Speicher that tasty meals can be made in mere minutes. Much to Tom's chagrin, Chef Paul isn't referring to TV dinners "bursting in the microwave." Instead, Chef Paul and Tom make Ground Breast of Turkey with Tri-Color Orzo Pasta and Julienne Pork & Vegetables with Quick Cook Rice.

# 102 "Simple Seafood Meal"

Tom’s idea of a simple seafood meal is ordering one at a seafood restaurant. Chef Paul’s idea is a little more adventurous and less expensive! Chef Paul shows how easy it is to produce a seafood restaurant-quality dish with Haddock a la Française.

# 103 "Cooking with Fresh Pasta"

Initially, Tom wanted Chef Paul to cook some spaghetti and store-bought sauce. He thought, "Finally a show that matches my taste!" However, Chef Paul produces a pleasant surprise for Tom and all viewers as he showcases two unforgettable delights: Fettuccine Alfredo (Carbonara) and Pasta Primavera

# 104 "Beef Lover's Bonanza"

Rumor has it that Tom’s vegetarian wife still hasn’t left him back in their home since this episode was produced. She has every reason because Chef Paul and his willing accomplice highlight how a less expensive cut of meat can be transformed into tasty Beef Stroganoff

# 105 "Decadent Dessert"

Chef Paul gets a workout in this episode as he creates a delectable dessert: Almond Lace Cookie Crisp with Chocolate Mousse. Throughout the episode, Chef Paul runs back and forth between the oven, the range-top and a mixer. Oh yeah, Tom helps by stirring some melted chocolate.

# 106 "Derby Food"

Every year Chef Paul takes Penn College School of Hospitality students to cook at the Kentucky Derby. Every year Chef Paul fails to invite Tom. However, Chef Paul shows all how to make Derby dishes Trackside Marinated Asparagus and Sautéed Chicken Breast Matthew. Tom still doesn’t get to go to the Derby, but the identity of Matthew is revealed.

# 107 "Creole Cooking"

Even though he looks more like a rustic, self-sufficient Cajun, Chef Paul shows off his Creole cooking skills with Hushpuppies and Blackened Fish. Tom’s frantic search for water after tasting the Blackened Fish is an emotional, gut-wrenching Emmy moment.

# 108 "Classic French Cooking"

The only "French-related" food that Tom likes is a French fry. Needless to say, that does not impress Chef Paul. However, Chef Paul will open Tom’s eyes and impress all with Pork Normande and Four-Peppercorn Pork with Four-Fruit Chutney. Tom enjoyed the dishes so much that he’s been heard requesting a "side order of chutney" in area fast food restaurants.

# 109 "Classic French Dessert"

Following Tom’s initial exposure to French cuisine, Chef Paul helps him become a gourmet by preparing Flambéed Fresh Fruit with Pastry Cream-Filled Crêpes. Chef Paul’s form of assistance really doesn’t pay off for Tom; he’s still missing a few eyebrows after learning to flambé.

# 110 "Sensational Salads"

For Tom, a sensational salad consists of tossed greens and orange French dressing. Fortunately for public television viewers, Chef Paul has a grander plan. Specifically, Chef Paul makes two diverse dishes: Salad Niçoise and Cooked Pork & Couscous Salad.

# 111 "Snappy Shrimp Appetizers"

The only thing that snaps is Tom’s composure when he realizes that shrimp actually have heads. Chef Paul keeps his head on straight to make two easy appetizers: Scampi Pescatore (Shrimp Fisherman’s Style) and Shrimp Cocktail. Afterward, Paul realizes that Tom should probably take one of his cooking classes.

# 112 "Cajun Cooking"

Chef Paul feels right at home by making his sumptuous one pot meal: Chicken & Shrimp Jambalaya. Finally, Chef Paul really puts Tom to work by having him stir in all the diverse ingredients. Tom doesn’t understand why Chef Paul has him do most of the work until he looks down and sees his stained shirt.

# 113 "Soups from the Pot"

Tom conducts the show under protest because Chef Paul bans cans of soup and can openers from the set. Alas, Tom’s protest is to no avail as Chef Paul easily makes some Cream of Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup. Despite his initial reluctance, Tom likes the soup, even without saltines.

Season Two

# 201 "Barbecue Blast"

Chef Paul Mach considers barbecuing cooking novice Tom Speicher when Tom tries to sneak frozen veggie burgers onto the grill. Chef Paul eventually excuses Tom’s misdeed and commandeers the grill to showcase Barbecued Beef & Pork with House-Made Sauce.

# 202 "Ravioli Roundup"

Chef Paul’s ravioli are so big that Tom (whose previous ravioli experiences always involved a can opener) is tempted to contact the Guinness Book of Records. At any size, Chef Paul’s Fried Ravioli with Fresh Tomato Sauce recipe offers a record-breaking taste.

# 203 "Nuts About Chicken"

Roles are reversed as Chef Paul drives Tom nuts by expecting the culinary neophyte to recite the wordy title of the day’s recipe – Buttermilk Pecan Chicken with Corn Tomato Relish & Mashed Sweet Potatoes – without any cue cards. The recipe, despite its long name, can be summarized with one word: fabulous!

# 204 "Sleep-In Strudels"

Fortunately, Chef Paul doesn’t sleep in for this episode. He shows up in time to demonstrate how easy it is to spruce up breakfast or brunch with a Variety of Breakfast Strudels. Tom is so impressed with the recipe that he waits until the show ends to consume some Rice Krispies Treats®.

# 205 "Mushroom Mania"

Prior to this show, a pizza topping was the height of Tom’s exposure to mushrooms. During the episode, Tom is so overwhelmed by mushrooms as Chef Paul creates Six Mushroom Ragout with Polenta, that he decides to eat his polenta plain.

# 206 "Sea of Scallops"

Tom usually orders chicken in a seafood restaurant, so he wasn’t too excited about this seafood-oriented episode. But Chef Paul throws him a lifejacket in the form of Seared Sea Scallops With Olive Tomato Tapenade & Wilted Greens Salad. He doesn’t know what a tapenade is, but Tom encourages everyone to try Chef Paul’s sensational seafood specialty.

# 207 "Chef Paul’s Italian Specials"

If he ever tires of teaching, Chef Paul could open his own boardwalk food stand at the seashore, as he proves in this episode by making a variety of quick and easy Strombolis & Calzones. Tom actually took the leftovers home. What greater compliment could a chef receive?

# 208 "French Food"

Speaking of the boardwalk, Tom was hoping for French fries when Chef Paul said that a "French food" show was in store. Imagine Tom’s surprise when Chef Paul came back from the store with the ingredients for Coq au Vin. With this wonderful, classic chicken dish, Tom didn’t even need the vinegar he bought for the French fries.

# 209 "Loads of Lasagna"

Chef Paul again proves why he’s the chef and Tom is not, by creating a unique and tasty lasagna dish: Sausage, Mushroom & Spinach Lasagna. Why sausage, mushrooms and spinach? Because Chef Paul likes those ingredients! Tom is considering becoming a chef so the show can feature one of his favorite foods: peanut butter crackers.

# 210 "Sweet Sensation"

Chef Paul promises a smooth and creamy Bourbon Pecan Sweet Potato Pie – even with nuts. (He makes the pledge before "taste-testing" the bourbon.) Tom confirms that Chef Paul lives up to his promise only after consuming the unforgettable bourbon-influenced dessert. Draw your own conclusions.

# 211 "Super Soup"

Chef Paul threatens to "can" Tom if he brings his favorite canned tomato soup to the show. So he doesn’t have to live off canned soup, Tom heeds Chef Paul’s command to learn to make sumptuous, simmering Roasted Vegetable Soup. Tom simmers down after the show by going home to his can opener.

# 212 "Keg of Beef"

It’s like Christmas Eve for Chef Paul since the featured dish, Braised Beef with Beer, Onions & Château Potatoes, consists of some of his favorite all-time ingredients. It’s like a frosty night for Tom since his wife is a vegetarian who has adopted a cow named Opie. It’s like Thanksgiving for viewers who are treated to a wonderful feast.

# 213 "Derby Delight"

Chef Paul is as popular as mint juleps at the Kentucky Derby! Annually he takes Penn College culinary students to cook at the event (and leaves Tom back in Pennsylvania to watch on TV). But Chef Paul shares the tastes of the Kentucky Derby with Chilled Roasted Pineapple Ginger Pork Loin with Oriental Vegetable Pasta Salad.

# 214 "Tantalizing Tart"

ith a recipe called Chocolate Truffle Tart with Toasted Macadamia Nuts, it’s easy to understand how Chef Paul tantalizes friends and enemies alike with his special dessert. The dish is so good that Tom doesn’t even have to utilize his secret stash of chocolate bars during the show’s breaks.

# 215 "Great Grilling Grub"

Finally, a culinary term that Tom can relate to on "You're the Chef": grub. With Tom’s "assistance," Chef Paul makes Asian Influenced Grilled Salmon, Field Green & Tomato Salad, Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Mignon, Pastrami Grilled Salmon, Char Grilled Turkey Tenderloin with Sweet Bean Ginger Chili Garlic Marinade, and Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna. Granted, Chef Paul’s dishes won’t be served at a roadside diner, but his recipes prove worthy of the term "grub"!

Season Three

# 301 "Beef Bash"

Chef Paul Mach considers bashing cooking novice Tom Speicher when Tom advertises the fact that he doesn't eat red meat. Fortunately for viewers, Chef Paul, who counts cows when he can't sleep, ignores Tom long enough to make Sautéed Beef Tenderloin with Madeira Stewed Crimini Mushrooms, Baby Spinach & Red Bell Peppers. Tom ends up liking the mushrooms.

# 302 "Cool Salads"

Tom's idea of a "cool salad" is a "free salad bar" at a local restaurant. Chef Paul's idea is slightly more exotic: Contemporary Waldorf Salad and a Wilted Fennel, Smoked Turkey, Mushroom & Pepper Salad. Believe it or not, Tom changes his definition of a "cool salad" by the end of the episode. That's probably because fennel has licorice-like qualities.

# 303 "Live Lobster"

Chef Paul performs the dastardly deed of "preparing" (Tom considers it "murdering") a live lobster for supper. No, Chef Paul doesn't boil the lobster. Instead, all we can say is that a big knife is utilized. Fortunately, Tom utilizes the kitchen counter to remain upright throughout the episode. By the end of the episode, no lobsters are upright as Chef Paul produces: Roasted Fresh Maine Lobster and Contemporary Cold Water Lobster Thermidor. Shame on him!

# 304 "Veggie Lovers' Lasagna"

A week after cooking a live lobster, Chef Paul develops morals and becomes a plant man. The meat-loving chef shocks Tom by whipping up his own extremely tasty Vegetarian Lasagna recipe. A skeptical Tom discovers that Chef Paul's allegiance to vegetarianism is short-lived when he sees the chef devouring a burger a few minutes after the show.

# 305 "Terrific Tart"

Even though Tom challenges Chef Paul to supersede his favorite dessert, Neapolitan ice cream, Chef Paul manages to keep his cool as he makes a magnificent White & Bittersweet Chocolate Raspberry Tart. Tom is so impressed with the finished result that he forgets about Neapolitan ice cream and decides to form a "tart club

# 306 "Seafood Sensation"

When he goes to a seafood restaurant, Tom usually orders chicken. Since the average American consumes about 15 pounds of seafood a year, Chef Paul ignores Tom's plea for poultry and forces Tom to experience Shellfish & Seafood Stew and Gamberetti à la Crèma. Like a man, Tom pretends to try and like the two seafood dishes.

# 307 "Soups of the Day"

Worried that Chef Paul could resurrect childhood trauma by making kidney stew, Tom considers boycotting the episode. After Chef Paul explains that he is making stew with beans shaped like kidneys (not actual kidneys like Tom's father uses in his kidney stew), Tom agrees to assist Chef Paul. In fact, Chef Paul manages to please Tom's picky palate with Kidney Bean, Black-Eyed Pea & Turtle Bean Stew and Chilled Cantaloupe & Raspberry Soup.

# 308 "Pizza Party"

It's a dream come true for Tom as Chef Paul finally acquiesces to a pizza show. However, Tom’s plans are dashed when Chef Paul makes Balsamic Caramelized Vidalia Onion, Pancetta Bacon & Three-Cheese Pizza, and Three by Two Seafood Pizza. All Tom wanted was one plain pizza! Being a good trouper (i.e. the toppings wouldn’t come off), Tom tries the pizzas and declares Chef Paul competent enough to work at a pizza parlor.

# 309 "Sea Snacks"

Chef Paul promises Tom that his sea snacks will blow one of Tom’s ideal snacks (crackers and cheese) out of the water. To the surprise of no one, Chef Paul fulfills his promise by making Crabmeat Stuffed Mushrooms and Sweet Chili Shrimp on Cucumber "Tagliatelle". Tom contributes by suggesting that the crabmeat should be spread on crackers.

# 310 "Derby Dinner"

Despite the presence of squid, Chef Paul guarantees two winning Kentucky Derby recipes: Derby Prime Rib Roast and Derby 2000 Seafood Salad, Mediterranean Style. Since Chef Paul and Penn College School of Hospitality students cooked the dishes for thousands of satisfied spectators at the Derby, Chef Paul had an "inside tip" that the recipes would be winners. As for Tom, he’s still waiting for Chef Paul to invite him to the Derby!

# 311 "Chocolate Fantasy"

Chef Paul satisfies everyone with a sweet tooth by making Le Jeune Chef Chocolate Soup. But enthusiasm for the dish is somewhat tempered when Chef Paul reveals the dessert’s slang name: "heart attack on a plate." Tom, though, saves the day by mentioning that the word "chocolate" is derived from an Aztec term that means "bitter water." These two guys sure know how to "sell" their dishes!

# 312 "Beef & Chicken Special"

Due to his allegiance to an adopted cow named Opie, Tom only tries the chicken part of Chef Paul’s special. Due to his allegiance to his taste buds, Chef Paul devours both: Braised Chuck Steak with Herbs & Root Vegetables and Herb & Garlic Roasted Chicken. Due to the popularity of beef and chicken and the inexpensive ingredients featured in the dishes, everyone else will follow Chef Paul’s example!

# 313 "Meatless Meal"

After being labeled the "fungus freak" by Tom, nobody would have blamed Chef Paul for trying to slip his unsuspecting co-host one of the world’s 200 or so poisonous mushrooms. Instead, Chef Paul takes the high road and shows Tom the right way to make a Sautéed Portobello Mushroom Sandwich with Hummus & Tabouli Salad. Shockingly, when Tom tried the dish on his own at home, he messed it up.

# 314 "Classy Chicken"

Instead of experiencing chicken with a value meal, Tom discovers the real value is making your own chicken dish. Or in his case, having Chef Paul make it for him. Fortunately, Chef Paul makes the process so easy that anyone, Tom included, can prepare the dish: Sautéed Chicken Breasts with Marsala, Vegetables & Penne Pasta. Even Tom is forced to admit that the dish is better than meal #3 at his favorite fast food restaurant.

Season Four

# 401 "Italian Night"

For cooking novice Tom (“I’m not a chef”) Speicher, “Italian Night” means a large pizza with half the cheese. Fortunately, Chef Paul Mach’s more sophisticated version of “Italian Night” is showcased: Risotto of Seafood Bucaniera and Bruschetta Roman Style With Sautéed Bitter Greens and Imported Italian Cheese. Even though his dream Italian entrée is not on the menu, Tom finds solace in the fact that the Bruschetta, with its bread and cheese, resembles a mini pizza.

# 402 "Party Snacks"

Considering their favorite football teams sport a combined 0-8 Super Bowl record, Tom is stunned when Chef Paul names Super Bowl Variety Quiche as one of the day’s featured snacks. (While he’s experienced with Super Bowl defeats, it’s no surprise that Tom has never tasted quiche!) Fortunately, the duo improves its Super Bowl pedigree by pairing the winning quiche recipe with a championship-caliber Holiday Smoked Pork, Spinach & Cheese Strudel.

# 403 "Super Stuffed Tenderloin"

Chef Paul restrains from stuffing Tom when the latter opts out of the day’s headline treat, due to his allegiance to an adopted cow named Opie. Instead, Chef Paul stuffs his Roast Tenderloin of Beef Stuffed With Fired Peppers, Spinach & Goat Cheese, and serves it with Duchesse Potatoes. Chef Paul calls the tenderloin “wonderful.” Tom says the potatoes are “pretty good.”

# 404 "Haystack Harvestfest"

Compliment or not, Chef Paul is honored when Tom labels him a great “harvester.” Inspired by his new moniker, Chef Paul creatively “Americanizes” the French classic Pork Normande into Autumn Pork Sauté with Apple & Butternut Squash "Haystack" & Dried Fruit Pilaf. The “harvester” also shows how to use butternut squash to craft a “haystack” for the dish. Tom (with his extensive culinary background) declares it to be “the best haystack harvestfest” he’s ever experienced.

# 405 "Catch of the Day"

Even though Tom casts a wary eye toward Chef Paul’s seafood menu of Smoked Salmon Radiatore and Farmer’s Market Ratatouille with Pasta and Sautéed Tilapia, the cooking neophyte does impress the experienced chef when he defines Ratatouille as a French stew. However, Chef Paul isn’t impressed when Tom admits that he only caught “a couple suckers” during his few personal fishing expeditions. Overcoming such a startling admission, Chef Paul manages to reel in a winner with his two tasty fish dishes.

# 406 "Sinful Sweets"

Ever the courageous duo, Chef Paul and Tom go out on a limb and proclaim that their modern-day version cheesecakes will taste far better than history’s first – made in 776 B.C.! They make good on their “daring” pledge, whipping up a sumptuous Caramel Apple Cheesecake and a tasty Peanut Butter Cheesecake. While the decadent desserts may be sinful, Chef Paul assures that confession and penance will not be required.

# 407 "Soup Special"

The presence of leftovers and tomato soup raises fear that Tom has seized the kitchen for his idea of an appetizing show: Grilled Cheese and Canned Tomato Soup. Fortunately, those fears are quelled as Chef Paul continues to control the range and limits Tom’s involvement to stirring two mouthwatering creations: Oven Roasted Tomato Soup with Stilton Cream and Creamy Winter Squash & Leek Soup. At last report, Tom was still looking for saltines.

# 408 "Indian Delicacy"

When asked to select a food item that originated outside the United States for the day’s menu, Tom suggests ice cream, which was first developed in China. To the delight of everyone’s palette, Chef Paul has more international flavor and highlights a taste of India with Chicken Vindaloo & Raita. Tom likes the dish; but when the spices hit and he starts to sweat, he wishes for that ice cream.

# 409 "Lots of Lamb"

Tom shudders when Chef Paul demonstrates how to incorporate forcemeat into a luscious recipe. Meat lovers rejoice (and Tom is forced to watch) as Chef Paul uses forcemeat in his Roasted Boneless Stuffed Leg of Lamb served with Wild Rice Pancakes. Chef Paul declares the lamb dish is “magnificent.” Tom can’t offer an opinion; he just eats the pancakes.

# 410 "Love Food"

Not satisfied as only master of the kitchen, Chef Paul tries to master the art of matchmaking with relationship-igniting dishes. While Tom's idea of love food is a box of chocolates and some potato chips, Chef Paul has a grander plan with Oyster & Champagne Stew with Valentine White Truffle Toast and Sautéed Apples with Walnuts, Nutty Crêpes & Sheboust Cream. After tasting the dishes, Tom proclaims Chef Paul is good enough to be cast as the ship’s cook on "The Love Boat" if the TV classic is revived.

# 411 "Mushroom & Meat Combo"

With a well-earned reputation for ordering his meals by the number, Tom hands the ultimate compliment to Chef Paul when he labels the day’s combo meal “number one.” Chef Paul avoids blushing long enough to make Sautéed Veal with Mushroom Cream along with a Wild Mushroom Strudel. In the end, Tom is visibly disappointed when he realizes that no fries come with Chef Paul’s combo.

# 412 "Cajun Cooking"

Tom impresses when he reveals that today’s Cajuns are descendants of the 1,600 French Acadians that the British forced out of Nova Scotia in 1785. As his reward, Chef Paul allows Tom to stir a few minutes longer than usual. Despite Tom’s “expanded” cooking role, the end result is unforgettable as Chef Paul produces Chicken, Sausage & Oyster Gumbo along with Pineapple Bread Pudding & Maple Sauce. The dishes are so good that Tom nibbles on them off-camera!

# 413 "Grub on the Grill"

While Tom feels lost around the grill without his usual veggie burgers and baked potatoes, Chef Paul is right at home with some of his favorite grilling grub: Grilled Swordfish, Char Grilled Thai Pork Loin and Mediterranean Bread Salad. Chef Paul insists that it was “just a coincidence” that smoke from the grill constantly blew into Tom’s face after Tom classified Chef Paul’s food choices as “grub.”

# 414 "Backyard Barbecue"

Grilling is common (80% of Americans do it at least once a year) but goat cheese is not, argues Tom. However, Chef Paul turns a deaf ear and grills the ingredient anyway. The result is a fabulous Tomato and Mesclun Salad with Dill French Dressing and Toasted Chevrai Cheese served with Grill Smoked Turkey Breast with Sun-Dried Tomato Olive Tapenade. Tom questions his luck when asked to taste the Chevrai cheese but, to this day, he remains thankful for that nearby Grilled Smoked Turkey Breast.

Season Five

# 501 "Wine Country Brunch"

Chef Paul Mach enjoys brunch at least twice a week. Cooking novice Tom (“I’m not a chef”) Speicher has brunch once every 104 weeks. Thankfully, Chef Paul does most of the cooking in creating a memorable family-style brunch sure to be savored numerous times every week: Wine Country Brunch Fry & Grits. But give Tom his due; he does an excellent job stirring the grits.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality graduate Barbara Willett chooses French knives for the kitchen.

# 502 "Wellington Wildness"

Afraid that use of the term “Wellington” will instantly transform them into culinary snobs, cooking novice Tom expresses some discomfort to Chef Paul about making the English classic. Chef Paul, though, appeases his poultry-loving friend by making Chicken Wellington with Mushroom Sauce in addition to Beef Wellington with Madeira Sauce. By the end of the show, Tom doesn’t care if he’s a snob; he just wants more of the chicken dish.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Errol Bell prepares velouté.

# 503 "Comfort Soups"

For cooking novice Tom, a comfort soup is one that comes in a can. For Chef Paul, a comfort soup is one that causes Tom discomfort. That is, a soup recipe that actually requires some effort! Chef Paul squashes Tom’s canned tomato soup aspirations in preparing French Onion Soup and Split Pea Soup. Even though they aren’t from a can, Tom does admit that Chef Paul’s soups are “pretty good.”

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Jay Harter makes chicken stock.

# 504 "Chef Paul Classics"

Displaying impressive versatility, Chef Paul cooks a classic entrée dating back 250 years to France, Chicken Chasseur, before making a classic dessert dating back 35 years to his household in Buffalo, NY, Strawberry Whip Cream Cake. Like an esteemed food critic, cooking novice Tom gives a “thumbs-up” to both recipes, although he is upset that Cool Whip can’t be used for the strawberry cake.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality graduate Barbara Willett prepares rice pilaf.

# 505 "Mad About Mussels"

Initially, cooking novice Tom, who has never tried a mussel, is mad that Chef Paul wants to feature the bivalve mollusk. Incorporating the skills that have made him a master teacher at Penn College, Chef Paul turns his wary friend into a mussels fan as Tom goes mad over Mussels, Mariner’s Style and Baked Mussels with Chili Garlic. “Mad” might be bit of an overstatement, but it sounds good!

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Errol Bell reduces stock to a glaze.

# 506 "Eggplant Extravaganza"

Let’s see.... Assumed by many to be a vegetable, eggplant is actually a fruit. While it is technically a fruit, eggplant is actually used like a vegetable. Confused? So is Tom until he tries Chef Paul’s two creations: Eggplant Strudel and Eggplant "Parmesan" Lasagna. The picky cooking novice is so impressed with the tasty dishes that he says it doesn’t matter if eggplant is a fruit or vegetable.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Jay Harter breads foods.

# 507 "Chicken Crêpes"

It’s not exactly an earth-rattling occurrence, but Chef Paul does manage to shock Tom by expanding the cooking novice’s world view of crêpes. Believing crêpes are exclusive to desserts, Tom is stunned to learn that crêpes can be used for appetizers and entrées. Much to the chagrin of the chef, Tom is equally surprised that Chef Paul’s two crêpe recipes taste good: Chicken & Asparagus Crêpes and Crêpes & Caviar. Surprise, surprise, Tom also likes Chef Paul's Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality graduate Barbara Willett makes crêpes.

# 508 "Seafood Cakes"

Cooking novice Tom calls Chef Paul the “dasher of dreams” after learning the day’s cakes don’t involve “sweet” ingredients. Undeterred by his co-host’s deflated aspirations, Chef Paul generates sweet dreams for seafood lovers everywhere with two memorable cakes: Crab Cakes “Le Jeune Chef” and Mousseline of Shrimp “Cakes”. At last report, Tom was still wondering what to do with the candles he bought for the “cakes."

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Errol Bell utilizes shrimp shells.

# 509 "Asian Delights"

When asked to recommend some Asian delights, cooking novice Tom suggests chicken on a stick and fortune cookies. To the relief of all, Tom’s fortune doesn’t involve much cooking. Instead, Chef Paul shares the tasty reality of Asian cuisine by preparing Asian Shrimp, Pork & Vegetable Soup and Fried Spring Rolls. Tom makes his contribution to Asian cuisine by “tasting” fish sauce.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Jay Harter works with miso.

# 510 "Sweet Treats"

Despite containing one of the most frightening scenes in television history—cooking novice Tom trying to operate a blow torch—these 30 minutes produce a sweet result. Chef Paul, displaying battle-hardened nerves of steel, crafts two amazing desserts: Crème Brûlée and Festive Fruit Napoleon. Fortunately, Tom directs the heat of the blow torch toward the Crème Brûlée instead of Chef Paul’s fingers. Talk about fear factor!

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality graduate Barbara Willett prepares whipped cream.

# 511 "Stuffed Steak"

Chef Paul lives up to his nickname of the day—the “crafty one”—by devising a way to stuff a New York strip steak with peppers, garlic, onions and other ingredients. Even though he hasn’t consumed beef for four years, cooking novice Tom admits he’s fascinated by the tasty end result: Stuffed New York Strip with Boursin Brown Sauce. In fact, Tom breaks down at the end and actually tries the remarkable beef creation. Bells everywhere are still ringing.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Errol Bell selects knife blades for the kitchen.

# 512 "Spanish Special"

Chef Paul and cooking novice Tom face a perplexing predicament: trying to prepare paella without the use of a paella pan. To no one’s surprise, the practical duo saves some bucks and makes do with a typical pan in producing Paella Valenciana, featuring rice, chicken and seafood. However, the “strong camaraderie between the two takes a blow when Chef Paul “accidentally” shows Tom a clam’s “foot.”

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Jay Harter makes Tomato Concassée.

# 513 "Grilled Lobster"

Following a tour of his famous herb garden, Chef Paul coerces cooking novice Tom to participate in the “dirty deed” of the day: preparing a live lobster for grilling. Tom uses the table for support as Chef Paul effortlessly concocts an outdoor feast featuring Grilled Fresh Maine Lobster and Grilled Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli. Tom feels so bad about the lobster’s demise that he pronounces the sumptuous result as “outstanding” instead of “superior.”

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Errol Bell differentiates between yams and sweet potatoes.

# 514 "Grilled Grub"

Tom’s idea of grub takes about 10 minutes on the grill. Chef Paul’s idea of grub takes one full propane tank to fulfill. There is no need to ask who wins out. Banning Tom’s frozen veggie burgers and baked potatoes, Chef Paul concentrates on Mediterranean Grilled Lamb Pita, Mid-Western Brined & Grilled Smoked Pork and Eggplant Dip (Baba Ghanoush). Tom pronounces Chef Paul’s grub as “great” even though smoke from the grill seems to be constantly directed in the cooking novice’s face.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality graduate Barbara Willett reviews brining basics.

Season Six

# 601 "Cheesy Beef"

Compared to other cuts, tenderloin is relatively low in fat. That is, until Chef Paul gets his paws on it and creates Sautéed Tenderloin of Beef with Herbed Blue Cheese Crust & Brown Stock. As a public service, cooking novice Tom, who typically doesn’t eat red meat, tastes the cheesy beef creation and pronounces it perfect. Hidden cameras, though, catch Tom with his fingers crossed before he dives into meat-free side dishes: Anna Potatoes and Sautéed Mustard Greens.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Errol Bell highlights blue cheese.

# 602 "Bayou Breakfast"

Despite cereal’s status as America’s most popular breakfast food, Chef Paul bans Tom’s favorite morning grain for Plantation French Toast with Strawberry and Mint Syrups and Bayou Shrimp Scrambled Eggs. The cooking novice overcomes his initial disappointment to savor his first French toast experience since home economics class in sixth grade. Chef Paul attributes Tom’s eventual exuberance to a missing sixth-grade ingredient: Frangelico.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Rachel Hall focuses on omelets.

# 603 "Sweet Tooth Sensations"

After an extensive search for strawberries at a grower’s market, Chef Paul and cooking novice Tom create three unforgettable, easy-to-make desserts: Chocolate Cheesecake, Emily’s Famous Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. Tom, a very picky eater, thoroughly enjoys the sweet sensations but remains upset at Chef Paul for not allowing him to buy “breakfast on a stick” at the grower’s market.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Elizabeth Brown reviews chocolate.

# 604 "Down with Duck"

An incredulous Chef Paul recovers from Tom’s “startling” revelation that a duck’s quack has no echo to prepare two succulent entrées: Roasted Duck with Rosemary and Orange and Sautéed Duck Breast with Fruit & Vegetables. Despite the traumatic experience of “cleaning” a duck and placing an orange inside of it, cooking novice Tom declares the duck dishes delicious instead of hiding behind the side dish of the day: Wild Rice Pilaf.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Errol Bell prepares duck confit.

# 605 "Tasty Tarts"

Chef Paul takes Tom on an educational field trip to the grocery store to prove there are more cheese choices than American and Swiss. Back in the kitchen, the esteemed chef proves his point by preparing three wonderful cheese-inspired appetizers: Zucchini Saga Blue Tart, Fontina & Tomato Tart and Toasted French Bread with Brie & Fruit. As for Tom, the cooking novice is pleased the grocery store visit netted him a piping-hot soft pretzel.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Rachel Hall makes tart dough.

# 606 "Fisherman's Special"

Traumatized by the “stare” of fresh trout, cooking novice Tom eventually composes himself to help master angler Chef Paul prepare a Fisherman’s Feast: Sautéed Trout with Red Lentil, Garden Vegetable & Bacon Ragout and Steamed Halibut with French Garlic Vegetable Stew. Initially, Chef Paul is reluctant to accept the “master fisherman” title. But after witnessing Tom’s reaction to the trout, Chef Paul realizes that, compared to Tom, he is a master.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Elizabeth Brown showcases lentils.

# 607 "Lumberjack Cookout"

Chef Paul and Tom try to prove that two guys who don’t own one saw and wear polo shirts can call themselves “lumberjacks” when grilling Cedar-Planked Salmon and Churrasco Steak, Chimichurri Sauce and preparing a Quinoa Salad with Herbed Papaya. While the food tastes amazing, cooking novice Tom destroys the lumberjack mystique when he expresses profound fear of all the pepper Chef Paul puts in the Chimichurri Sauce.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality graduate Jay Harter distinguishes between Quinoa & Millet.

# 608 "Fiesta Time"

It’s a day of enlightenment for cooking novice Tom as he finally figures out why his grilled cheese sandwich has never won the Recipe Cravings Contest: the recipe has to be good! Chef Paul vividly illustrates that point by making the contest-winning dish, Drunken Fiesta. After realizing his grilled cheese isn’t up to snuff, Tom takes solace in the dessert of the day, Sabayon with Fresh Fruit. Fortunately, he doesn’t dip into the Drunken Fiesta.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Errol Bell prepares Sabayon.

# 609 "Chef Paul's Prized Poultry"

Thanks to Chef Paul, Tom realizes that it’s possible to prepare chicken without grilling or frying. It’s truly an eye-opener for the cooking novice as Chef Paul makes Herb-Infused Roast Chicken. Initially reluctant to grant the entrée the status of his favorite grilled chicken sandwich, Tom eventually admits that Chef Paul’s chicken and side dishes—Mushroom Risotto and Garlic Rosemary Roasted Vegetables—are prized recipes. Chef Paul is still blushing.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Rachel Hall reveals types of chicken.

# 610 "Simmering Soups"

At a grocery store, Chef Paul prohibits Tom from entering the canned soup aisle to expose the cooking novice to dried beans. Considering he’s consumed 423 cans of tomato soup, Tom doesn’t appreciate the ban on cans. However, after retreating to the kitchen, Chef Paul works wonders and transforms Tom into a soup from scratch supporter with two tasty creations: Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup and Pinto Bean Soup.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Elizabeth Brown differentiates between sweet and hot peppers.

# 611 "Classic Casserole"

Since his lone casserole experience is tuna casserole, cooking novice Tom is worried that Chef Paul’s casserole will be “boring.” To Tom’s great surprise, Chef Paul creates an exciting casserole: Cassoulet of Lamb, Duck & Sausage with White Beans. Even the side dish—Braised Curly Cabbage and Leeks—tastes good to Tom. However, Tom’s clumsy compliment to Chef Paul doesn’t sound good. Who wants their food to “electrify” guests?

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Errol Bell clarifies butter.

# 612 "Amazing Apple Pies"

A quick trip to a fruit farm yields plenty of juicy apples and a near-arrest as Chef Paul “accidentally” places apple baskets in his mini-van for the ride home. Fortunately, Tom convinces his cohort that the baskets belong to the fruit farm before the esteemed chef is farmed out to law enforcement. Once in the kitchen, Chef Paul makes two pies so good that cooking novice Tom believes they should be declared illegal: Three-Apple Pie and Sour Cream Apple Pie.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Rachel Hall assembles piecrust.

# 613 "Spectacular Stuffed Pork"

Despite being compared to Tom’s favorite pork dish, a hot dog, Chef Paul insists that no showing off is necessary to make his entrée of the day: Roast Pork Loin Stuffed with Sun-Dried Yellow Tomatoes. Chef Paul proves his point with ease as he prepares the memorable stuffed pork along with side dishes Collard Greens and Confetti Barley. Cooking novice Tom enjoys the pork creation, but longs for a bun and some mustard.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality student Elizabeth Brown works with greens.

# 614 "Chef Paul Burgers"

Insisting that his burgers are the best, the esteemed chef conquers a grill and a courtyard to reveal the secrets of Chef Paul’s Hamburgers as well as two other cookout creations: Grilled Scallop Kebabs and Forbidden Rice Salad. Tom is dutifully impressed with the finished result, but the cooking novice’s endorsement doesn’t carry too much weight since he’s used to frozen veggie burgers and baked potatoes on the grill.

Cooking Key Focus: Penn College School of Hospitality graduate Jay Harter showcases rice.

Season Seven

# 701 "Appetizing Artichokes"

For years, Tom has avoided “creepy looking” artichokes. Thanks to Chef Paul and a grocery store visit, the cooking novice successfully confronts his fear by eating Sautéed Beef Tenderloin Tips with Artichokes, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Kalijira Rice and Stuffed Artichokes Le Jeune Chef. Tom hopes his steely display of courage will inspire others.

Cooking Key Focus: Artichokes

# 702 "Mexican Meals"

Refusing to accept Tom’s typical order at a Mexican restaurant (a chicken sandwich), Chef Paul celebrates the rich diversity of Mexican cuisine with a variety of dishes: Chef Paul’s Quesadillas, Jen’s Fabulous Vegan Enchiladas and Tex Mex Asado. To his credit, Tom manages to locate some chicken in Chef Paul’s Quesadillas.

Cooking Key Focus: Tortillas

# 703 "Breakfast Bonanza"

A trip to the farm produces lots of fresh ingredients and a traumatized Tom, who—following Chef Paul’s instructions—“borrows” a few eggs from some unsuspecting chickens. Fortunately, Chef Paul manages to calm his cohort by making Poached Egg and Green Nest on Pan-Seared Hash along with an Omelet and Frittata. But Tom has never felt so guilty about breakfast.

Cooking Key Focus: Roasting Garlic

# 704 "Impeccable Italian"

Even though he has chicken, cheese and pasta at his disposal, Chef Paul refuses to make Tom’s favorite Italian dish: chicken parmesan. Instead, the esteemed chef does everyone a favor by creating Herb Seared Chicken Breast, Warm Zucchini Stew with Angel-Hair Pasta and Broccoli Parmesan. Tom takes solace in that at least one of the recipes features the word “parmesan.”

Cooking Key Focus: Blanching Vegetables

# 705 "Football Food"

What the food dictionary refers to as appetizers, Chef Paul and Tom label “football food:” Seafood Potato ‘Football’ Crisps and Eddie’s Crabmeat-Stuffed Mushrooms. Granted, both dishes are worthy of a touchdown celebration, but since their favorite teams (the Bills and the Vikings) are a combined 0-8 in the Super Bowl, the duo should consider a new moniker for their creations.

Cooking Key Focus: Mushrooms

# 706 "Succulent Seafood"

In a quest for fresh seafood, Chef Paul and Tom visit a street market in New Orleans. The experience is a new one for Tom, who usually purchases fish from the frozen-food aisle. However, Tom is so impressed with Chef Paul’s Smothered Crawfish “Etouffee” and Sauteed Shrimp with Tequila Sauce, Mango Salsa that he wonders why they didn’t buy alligator on a stick.

Cooking Key Focus: Shrimp

# 707 "Super Soufflés"

Tom gets chills of excitement when the ice-cream truck visits his neighborhood. As for Chef Paul, he gets chills when soufflés visit his kitchen. Fortunately, Chef Paul’s preferred form of excitement prevails as he makes Frozen Espresso Hazelnut Souffle, Hot Chocolate Souffle, Hot Raspberry Souffle and Sausage, Asparagus and Havarti Cheese Souffle. Poor Tom doesn’t even get a Creamsicle.

Cooking Key Focus: Béchamel

# 708 "Asian Adventure"

Tom’s idea of an Asian adventure is an overseas jaunt. Chef Paul’s thought is more cost effective but just as tasty: a trip to the grocery store. Without a frequent-flyer mile, Chef Paul creates Southeast Asian Spicy Coconut Pork and Miso-Crusted Red Snapper, Vegetable Nabemono. Tom likes the dishes, but remains miffed that Chef Paul stranded him at curb-side pickup.

Cooking Key Focus: Filleting Fish

# 709 "Braising Basics"

The microwave “defrost” button typically serves as Tom’s magic one-step “braising” method. Fortunately, Chef Paul shows the correct way by featuring Braised Lamb in Cabernet Franc with Currants and Dried Plums and Braised Osso Bucco with Bacon. He even makes Spatzeli on the side. Thanks to Chef Paul, Tom will never look at his microwave the same.

Cooking Key Focus: Lamb

# 710 "Breading Blitz"

A longtime fan of breaded foods on restaurant menus, Tom learns how to bread on his own as Chef Paul reveals three simple breading procedures for Breast of Chicken Franchese with King Crab Sauce, Chicken Piccata and Pan-Fried Chicken Breast with Fontina Cheese and Fresh Sage. Tom is so impressed with Chef Paul’s results that he goes a whole week without takeout.

Cooking Key Focus: Crab

# 711 "Soup and Sandwich"

Finally free to make his “famous” grilled cheese sandwich, Tom quickly realizes there’s a big catch: He has to milk a cow. The cooking novice takes one for the team and is rewarded with Taleggio Prosciutto Grilled Cheese, My Favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Cream of Asparagus Soup and, of course, Tom’s Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich. While not a big fan of grilled cheese, Chef Paul is a lot happier than Tom’s cow.

Cooking Key Focus: Soft Italian Cheeses

# 712 "Bread Baking"

Tom shows unrivaled faith in Chef Paul by unplugging his bread machine and allowing the master teacher to reveal the best way to make bread. Chef Paul rewards such resolve by crafting Lean Italian Bread, Braided Rich Egg Bread and Sausage and Cheese Bread. Tom’s only complaint? The lack of preservatives will force him to make bread again real soon.

Cooking Key Focus: Yeast

# 713 "Country Cookin’"

Proving he’s not a master teacher for nothing, Chef Paul shows why he won that presitigous recognition by teaching Tom’s naïve taste buds a valuable lesson: Beans can be flavorful. Chef Paul makes his case with Pork and Greens, Chef Paul’s Country Turkey Chili and Black-eyed Peas. Tom is just thankful the lesson didn’t include a PowerPoint presentation.

Cooking Key Focus: Dried Beans

# 714 "Cajun Cuisine"

Even though one is from upstate New York and the other from southeast Pennsylvania, Chef Paul and Tom show they learned a lot during their trip to New Orleans by making a tasty Gumbo Fruits de Mer and an amazing dessert, Bananas Foster. However, their friendship is strained when Tom discovers that Chef Paul received many more beads than he did.

Cooking Key Focus: Pepper