William H. Sober Jr., í71, stands in front of the Madigan Library reference desk, which he was partly responsible for building while an employee for Brodart Co.ís Library Furniture Division. Sober retired from Brodart in 2013. The photo ran in the Winter 2006-07 edition of One College Avenue magazine.

William H. Sober Jr.

 Class of í71, Carpentry and Building Construction Technology

"Itís just another link in his familyís legacy with Penn College and its predecessors, Williamsport Area Community College and Williamsport Technical Institute."

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Plumbing class, Aug. 9, 1947

Gloria J. Hackenburg

"I came across a picture of my Dad with his graduating class from the first plumbing class at Williamsport Technical Institute"

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Howard G. Manning with student from April 29, 1966, Spotlight

Richard S. Ashworth

 Class of '67, Auto body repair and refinishing

"Door of opportunity: After graduating ... I immediately got a job in an auto body repair shop in State College..."

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Patty L. Bilbay

Patty L. Bilbay

 Class of '04, Technology Management

"Starting over at my age as a single mother with a child in college was not an ideal situation."

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Steven K. McCoy

Steven K. McCoy

 Class of '84, General Studies

"You know, just because a rookie football player has a bad first game, it doesnít mean he wonít ultimately be a Heisman Trophy winner."

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Aviation students with biplane, circa 1940.

Girard L. Calehuff

 Class of '43, Aircraft Mechanics

"Given this background, it was obvious that I was destined for a career in the aeronautical field. Not so fast."

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Computers, c. 1990

Railyn Haines-Mest

Class of '94, Office Information Systems

"That's when I met Dr. Alex Bailey, and I didn't know it at the time, but he shaped a lot of the person I became."

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Dr. James E. Middleton

James E. Middleton

 Chief Academic Officer

"I am firmly committed to the principle of the community college: open access to education, emphasis on the practical needs of the individual."

Story originally printed in Legacy of Leaders, available at The College Store.

Automotive lab, 1953

William C. Frick

Class of '55, Auto Mechanics

"Never forget the basics taught by my instructors at WTI."

The year is 1953. Two weeks shop (WTI) and two weeks school (WHS). I always liked working on cars and did my own work since 1953. My first car was a 1948 Ford two-door sedan. The instructors were Mr. Kast for the first two years, Mr. Fouls for the third year. Both were very good instructors. I enlisted in the Navy for four years. Upon discharge, I worked in a GM dealership, and went to a GM training center for in-depth training. From 1966-72, first GM dealer; 1972-1996, second GM dealer. I also started my own auto shop part-time 1960-1989. At age 75, I'm still active in my trade, and I like reading about new technology. I've never forgotten the basics taught by my instructors at WTI. What a great foundation for my life's work/career.

Officials pose in front of the "Eager Beaver," a World War II B17 bomber acquired by the Williamsport Technical Institute in 1946. Dr. George Parkes, director of W.T.I., is 4th from the left. The nose panel was donated to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler, GA, in 2000.

Richard Conni

Class of '67

"One day while walking around the old aviation hangar, we happened to notice an airplane sitting in the corner."

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Dr. Bowers

Dr. Robert Bowers

Professor Emeritus

"Your book has reminded me again, in the strongest possible fashion, of how very fortunate I have been to be a part of the College evolution."

Comments on the Legacy of Leaders Book

Joseph L. Lockard

Joseph L. Lockard

Class of '47

"I started to put him in front of the scope and there it was Ė this huge echo on the screen."

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George E. Logue, left, being cited an outstanding alumnus of the Williamsport Area Community College by Clyde E. Williamson, chairman of the board of trustees.

George Logue

Class of '44

"A Caterpillar engine will not build another engine, but a machine shop will build a Caterpillar engine and it will build another machine shop."

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Robbin (Schreiner) Smith

Robbin Smith

Class of '76, Forest Technology

"I would be honored to be in your new book Legacy of Leaders"

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Don Warner

Don Warner

Class of '71, Engineering Drafting Technology

"Many of us were Mrs. Wheeler's boys, no dorms in those days;"

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Fred Gilmour

Fred Gilmour

Class of '66, Technical Illustration

"W.T.I. was the perfect fit for me. "

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Oral Histories

Dr. George H. Parkes

Dr. George  H.

"If you want to get along with people put them in a position to slay a dragon every day"

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Dr. Kenneth  E.

"education for all is not simply a well-turned phrase; it is the philosophy that guides our teaching practices."

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Dr. William  H.

"I like that open-door philosophy."

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Dr. David  M.

"as the time went on, it became kind of fun to be No. 1."

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Dr. Robert  L.

"I was willing to upset the equilibrium."

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Dr. Davie Jane

"People make the difference."

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Elaine J.

"it was a chaotic, crazy, busy environment, and I just loved the thought of being part of that."

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Dale A.

"I just enjoyed watching all the machines that [were] used to produce the newspaper..."

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"It took me a while to accept the PC. Iím a mainframe man, [but] I finally accepted them."

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"I knew the value of the Technical Institute."

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"Every summer when school let out we went to the farm ... that was heaven to me."

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"Sometimes we could get further in the shop to check out what was happening."

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Centennial Books The Centennial Book Series chronicles the proud history of Penn College and its predecessor institutions. The books, including the just-released Working Class: 100 Years of Hands-On Education, are available at no cost in The College Store.

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