Students may repeat courses to improve their grade-point averages. Students must pay for all repeated courses. If a course is repeated at this institution, the higher of the grades will be listed and used in the grade calculation. The lower grade will be changed to an 'R' and will carry no value in the grade calculation.

If a student receives a 'C' (2.0) or better in a course at another institution that is equivalent to a course at Penn College in which he/she received a 'D' or 'F' grade, the grade will be changed to an 'R' and the external course will be used to satisfy graduation requirements.

Students should be aware of the federal financial aid policy regarding repeated course work.

Course Repeat Limit

A student may take a nondevelopmental course no more than three times and a developmental course no more than two times, whether to improve a passing grade or to repeat a course in which a grade of 'W,' 'I,' 'F,' 'U' or 'T' was earned.

If a student cannot complete a required nondevelopmental course after three attempts or a developmental course after two attempts, he/she will be unable to remain in or change to any major that requires the course. Academic suspension from the College will result until the course requirement is satisfied with an equivalent course at another institution or the student changes to another major that does not require the repeated course.

This information is provided as a summary of the College's academic policy. Official College Policy and Procedure statements, which are available to students on the myPCT Portal, hold precedent over any information provided here.