Graphic Design (BGD)

(Effective Fall 2014)

This major prepares students for careers in graphic design, including advertising, magazine and book publication, environmental graphic design, and interactive and Web design. Students develop design expertise through an emphasis on process, technique, and conceptualization skills. The senior portfolio integrates a broad range of learning experiences and skill development in preparation for entry into the job market.

Career Opportunities

Graphic designer, interactive designer, art director, and creative director for both in-house, studio, and agency settings. Students may also choose to pursue an advanced degree in art or design.

Recommended High School Subjects

Two units of high school math (one of which should be algebra), four units of English, two units in the natural sciences, and experience with the visual arts.

Special Equipment Needs

Students enrolled in this major will be required to purchase a Freshman Art Kit.

Remediation Strategies

All entering students will be tested for English, math, and reading deficiencies. Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies as explained in this catalog (see ).

Transfer Procedures

Graduates of Penn College's two-year Advertising Art major can transfer all courses into the Graphic Design major; however, major courses (defined as those with ART, PHO designators) must have been completed with a grade of 'C' or better. Internal and external transfers with fewer than 61 credits can carry parallel courses into the baccalaureate when grades are 'C' or better. Transcripts should be submitted with the application for admission and will be evaluated by Admissions staff and by School of Sciences, Humanities & Visual Communications staff. Those accepted for transfer will begin the baccalaureate at the course/skill level consistent with their academic work.

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to:
  • demonstrate design and imaging skills applicable to the Web, print, and other media.
  • create projects with a balanced attention to concept, form, and function.
  • organize graphics and images into successful designs.
  • apply color theory in the resolution of design and imaging problems.
  • develop and design logos.
  • communicate concepts effectively using verbal and visual skills.
  • apply problem-solving skills to all stages of the design and imaging processes.
  • demonstrate the ability to design text-heavy documents.
  • apply the grid in the design of visual communication projects.
  • apply image capture and editing skills to visual problems.
  • demonstrate the ability to use type as a graphic design element.
  • propose and produce independent projects based on design principles and concepts.
  • integrate contemporary concepts of interactive design.
  • design and produce two- and three-dimensional projects, including corporate identity packages and environmental graphic design.
  • research and apply design solutions to independent projects.
  • evaluate and critique individual work and work of others based on a breadth of design knowledge.

Performance Standards

Students must earn a grade of 'C' or better in all courses with an ART and PHO course designator to receive credit for their completion. Students earning a 'D' or below must retake courses in which they are deficient before those courses can be considered as meeting the prerequisite requirements for more advanced courses. Failure to achieve a grade of 'C' or above in a course, after the maximum attempts allowed by College policy, results in withdrawal from the major in which the course is required.


First Semester Credits
FYE101 First Year Experience 1  
ART104 Visual Literacy 3  
ART180 Drawing 3  
PHO150 Digital Photography 3  
ENL111 English Composition I 3  
CSC124 Information, Technology, and Society 3  
FIT Fitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1  
Second Semester Credits
ART102 Two-Dimensional Design 3  
ART109 Design and Color 3  
ART125 Art History: Ancient through 15th Century 3  
BWM150 Introduction to Web Page Development 3  
MTH151 Structures of Mathematics 3  
MTH153 Topics in Mathematics 3  
ENL121 English Composition II 3  
Third Semester Credits
ART145 History of Graphic Design 3  
ART202 Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design 3  
ART225 Type Design I 3  
ART270 Computer Graphics I 3  
BWM252 Mastering Web Design Tools and Technologies 3  
Fourth Semester Credits
ART210 Introduction to Graphic Design 3  
ART235 Type Design II 3  
ART275 Computer Graphics II 3  
ART285 Introduction to Graphic Design for the Internet 3  
SCT Science - Science,Technology and Society Elective 3  
Fifth Semester Credits
ART320 Environmental Graphic Design 3  
ART360 Graphic Design for the Web 3  
BWM254 Advanced Web Design Practices 3  
MTH172 Introduction to Geometry 3  
OEA Open Elective 3  
FIT Fitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1  
Sixth Semester Credits
ART310 Graphic Design: Point of Purchase (POP) 3  
ART330 Modern Art and the Contemporary Image 3  Writing Enriched Requirement
HIS115 World Civilization I 3  Cultural Diversity Requirement
HIS125 World Civilization II 3  Cultural Diversity Requirement
SSE Social Science Elective 3  
BWM350 Interactive Scripting 3  
Seventh Semester Credits
ART410 Graphic Design, Corporate Identity (CID) 3  
BGD Specified Graphic Design Elective 3  
PHL110 Introduction to Philosophy 3  
SCL Science Elective with lab 4  
SPC101 Fundamentals of Speech 3  
Eighth Semester Credits
ART420 Portfolio Design 3  
ART496 Senior Project 3  
BGD Specified Graphic Design Elective 3  
HTS Humanities - Science, Technology and Society Elective 3  
OEA Open Elective 3  

Note: Internship may replace one specified BGD elective. A student must take a Science, Technology, and Society Elective to satisfy either the Science Elective or the Humanities Elective.


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