Information Technology: Technical Support Technology Emphasis (TU)

(Effective Fall 2013)

This major helps prepare students for a variety of technical careers providing hardware and software assistance to customers with Information Technology problems.

Career Opportunities

Positions include network technicians, help desk technicians, technical support representatives, customer support professionals, PC support specialists, user support specialists, call center support representatives, and related positions that continue to emerge in the information technology field. Exact titles and responsibilities relate to the academic and experiential requirements of the specific positions.

Recommended High School Subjects

A strong background in English, mathematics through at least algebra, and science is desired. A familiarity with computer equipment and software is also desired.

Special Equipment Needs

LAPTOP REQUIREMENT: laptop/notebook computer required for enrollment in IT major courses CIT 160 and higher. Computer specifications are available on the Technical Support web page.

Remediation Strategies

All entering students will be tested for English, math, and reading deficiencies.  Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies as explained in this catalog (see  Students will not be allowed to enroll in required Information Technology (CIT) and Security (IAS) courses until all remediation of mathematics (through MTH006) is complete. 

Program Goals

Graduates of an Information Technology (IT) associate-degree major should be able to:
  • analyze the needs of an IT related problem and select and develop an appropriate solution including appropriate consideration for security.
  • demonstrate proficiency in the core Information Technologies.
  • identify the underlying principles upon which the core information technologies are based and how information is generated and disseminated to address user requirements.
  • identify the importance of users and their requirements in the development and deployment of IT solutions.
  • use critical thinking and problem solving skills to address IT needs and solve IT problems.
  • communicate clearly and concisely.
  • employ accepted practices and standards within the IT industry.
  • identify standards of professionalism as they pertain to personal and work-related endeavors.
  • identify and explain how changes in the IT discipline affect business, industry and their work environment.
  • identify the need for continuing professional development in the IT discipline.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the basic financial principles of business and how it affects the IT industry.
Specifically, graduates of the Information Technology Technical Support Emphasis should be able to:
  • demonstrate proficiency in the technical aspects of a network, including installation, maintenance, monitoring, resource management, user management, and performance issues.
  • possess working knowledge in common operating systems including installation, configuration, scripting, user and resource management, troubleshooting and the use of common system utilities.
  • possess working knowledge to support a wide range of IT products such as office suite software, personal productivity software, and network access and system utilities.
  • demonstrate working skills related to providing technical support and service in an IT environment including communication skills, diagnostic procedures, call management, work scheduling, and customer relations.
  • exhibit a portfolio of course assignments and projects.

Performance Standards

Students must complete all required courses in the Information Technology: Technical Support Technology Emphasis (those courses with the alpha-designators BWM, CIT, EET, IAS, LAS, MIS, and MTH) with a grade of 'C' or higher.


First Semester Credits
FYE101 First Year Experience 1  
CIT160 Introduction to Programming 3  
CSC124 Information, Technology, and Society 3  
EET145 Networking I 4  
ENL111 English Composition I 3  
MTD Math Elective (MTH180 or Higher) 3  
Second Semester Credits
CIT180 Introduction to Database 3  
CIT260 Programming II 3  
EET245 Networking II 4  
ENL121 English Composition II 3  
ENL201 Technical and Professional Communication 3  
SCI Science Elective 3  
Third Semester Credits
CIT230 Fundamentals of Information Security 3  
CIT240 Introduction to UNIX/Linux 3  
CIT272 Network Administration and Technical Support 3  
MGT115 Principles of Management 3  
HUM Humanities Elective 3  
SSE Social Science Elective 3  
ART Art Elective 3  
FOR Foreign Language Elective 3  
AAE Applied Arts Elective 3  
IFE International Field Experience Elective 3  
FIT Fitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1  
Fourth Semester Credits
CIT241 Systems Programming 3  
CIT320 Support Center Procedures and Practices 3  
CIT351 Web Systems and Technologies 3  
MTH160 Elementary Statistics with Computer Applications 4  
SPC101 Fundamentals of Speech 3  
SPC201 Interpersonal Communication 3  

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