Studio Arts (SD)

(Effective Fall 2017)

This major prepares students to transfer to institutions offering specialized fine arts majors and related fields. Students develop skills in the production of various art forms and in proper use of tools, equipment and materials.

Career Opportunities

Possible programs students could transfer into at a four-year institution include the following: Studio Art (e.g., painting, sculpture, photography, and ceramics); Art Education; Art Therapy; Studio Assistant; Art History; Graphic Design; Industrial Design.

Recommended High School Subjects

Course work with strong emphasis on communication, analytical skills and aesthetics; geometry and training in art (desirable).

Special Equipment Needs

Students enrolled in this major will be required to purchase a Freshman Art Kit

Remediation Strategies

All entering students will be tested for English, math, and reading deficiencies. Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies as explained in this catalog (see ).

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to:
  • demonstrate conceptual and hand skills in the visual arts.
  • describe and apply a variety of techniques using varied media.
  • communicate clearly, visually and verbally.
  • identify models and theoretical concepts consistent with historical and art-related ideas and apply precepts to current trends within the discipline.
  • demonstrate creativity, critical thinking, problem solving abilities, and self-reliance.
  • apply lateral thinking techniques and interdisciplinary practices to project development.
  • define the relationship of objective design criteria to a variety of content areas within the visual arts (i.e., drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture).
  • interpret and describe narrative and design characteristics in artwork.
  • analyze design and color attributes related to the visual arts.
  • contribute to intellectual and artistic development through critical analysis.
  • produce quality work based on established time-tested, formal standards.
  • demonstrate skills and academic performance relative to the promise of successful transfer for further study in an institution that offers specialized fine arts majors.

Performance Standards

Students must earn a grade of 'C' or better in all courses with an ART and PHO course designator to receive credit for their completion. Students earning a 'D' or below must retake courses in which they are deficient before those courses can be considered as meeting the prerequisite requirements for more advanced courses. Failure to achieve a grade of 'C' or above in a course, after the maximum attempts allowed by College policy, results in withdrawal from the major in which the course is required.


First Semester Credits
FYE101 First Year Experience 1  
ART104 Visual Literacy 3  
ART180 Drawing 3  
CSC124 Information, Technology, and Society 3  
ENL111 English Composition I 3  
MMM Math Elective (MTH151 or Higher) 3  
FIT Fitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1  
Second Semester Credits
ART102 Two-Dimensional Design 3  
ART109 Design and Color 3  
ENL121 English Composition II 3  
PHO101 Black-and-White Photography 3  
MNS Math Elective (MTH153 or Higher) 3  
FIT Fitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1  
Third Semester Credits
ART122 Painting 3  
ART202 Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design 3  
SPC101 Fundamentals of Speech 3  
SPC201 Interpersonal Communication 3  
SCI Science Elective 3  
SSE Social Science Elective 3  
OEA Open Elective 3  
Fourth Semester Credits
ART125 Art History: Ancient through 15th Century 3  
ART135 Art History: 16th through 20th Centuries 3  
SDE Directed Elective - Art or Photography 3  
HUM Humanities Elective 3  
SCL Science Elective with lab 4  
OEA Open Elective 3  

A student must take a Cultural Diversity course to satisfy either the Social Science, Humanities or open elective.


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