Accredited Testing/Certification Institute for the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS)

(Effective Fall 2017)

This program prepares graduates with well-rounded metal fabrication skills in welding, machining, and sheet metal fabrication. Graduates will be well versed in welding processes such as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), machining processes that include mill, lathe, grinding, heat treating and CNC applications, and sheet metal fabrication processes using English wheels, shrinking & stretching equipment, bead rollers, sheet metal brakes, rotary shears, press brakes, and power hammers. 
This diverse combination of metal working skills will provide a versatile graduate with an ability to work for a variety of industries or as an entrepreneur.

Career Opportunities

Metal fabricators, assemblers, machinist, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technician, production technician, manufacturing assistant, production welder. These opportunities exist in companies that specialize in custom metal fabrication, specialty parts fabrication, all forms of industrial manufacturing, and classic vehicle maintenance and repair.

Recommended High School Subjects

Basic math, such as algebra, would be appropriate to start the program without the need for remediation. Penn College NOW course work in machining or welding may afford the student advanced credit. Basic English and reading skills should be stressed.

Special Equipment Needs

Students will be required to have the tools listed on the welding website and tools listed on the machining website

Remediation Strategies

All entering students will be tested for English, math, and reading deficiencies. Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies as explained in this online catalog (see ). Students should remediate any deficiencies prior to enrollment. It is recommended that students remediate deficiencies in the following order of priority: mathematics, English, reading.

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to:
  • demonstrate safe work habits when working with industrial machinery;
  • demonstrate critical thinking when working from technical drawings, including proper selection of materials and building the desired product to completion;
  • identify health hazards associated with metal fabrication in an industrial setting.
  • demonstrate correct welding procedures, with an understanding of metal preparation, and proper welding techniques; and
  • demonstrate the ability to communicate in a professional manner while working an individual or in groups.


First Semester Credits Notes Lecture Lab/Clinical M/S Type
FYE101 First Year Experience 1 .50 1.50 S REQ
MTT118 Mill Applications 4 1 9 M REQ
MTT119 Lathe Applications 4 1 9 M REQ
CSC124 Information, Technology, and Society 3 3 S REQ
MTH124 Technical Algebra and Trigonometry I 3 3 S REQ
MTH180 College Algebra and Trigonometry I 3 3 S REQ
RST110 Sheet Metal Forming & Fabrication 3 9 M REQ
Second Semester Credits Notes Lecture Lab/Clinical M/S Type
CIM101 Basic Machine Tool Programming 3 2 3 M REQ
WEL102 Welding Blueprint and Layout 3 2 3 M REQ
MTT212 Machine Tool Applications 4 1 9 M REQ
SAF110 Occupational Health and Safety 2 2 M REQ
MTT222 Fixture Design and Fabrication 4 1 9 M REQ
ENL111 English Composition I 3 3 S REQ
Third Semester Credits Notes Lecture Lab/Clinical M/S Type
WEL132 Flux Cored I 2 1 3 M REQ
WEL114 Shielded Metal Arc I 2 1 3 M REQ
WEL136 Flux Cored II 2 6 M REQ
WEL116 Shielded Metal Arc II 2 6 M REQ
ENL201 Technical and Professional Communication 3 3 S REQ
MSC106 Introduction to Metallurgy 4 3 3 S REQ
Fourth Semester Credits Notes Lecture Lab/Clinical M/S Type
CIM123 CNC Programming and Machining 4 1 9 M REQ
WEL240 Basic CNC Programming 3 2 3 M REQ
WEL120 Gas Metal Arc I 2 1 3 M REQ
WEL123 Gas Tungsten Arc I 2 1 3 M REQ
WEL124 Gas Metal Arc II 2 6 M REQ
WEL129 Gas Tungsten Arc II 2 6 M REQ
FIT Fitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1   S FIT
HUM Humanities Elective 3   S HUM
SSE Social Science Elective 3   S SSE
ART Art Elective 3   S ART
FOR Foreign Language Elective 3   S FOR
IFE International Field Experience Elective 3   S IFE


The machining course work in this associate degree is included in the Accredited Testing/Certification Institute for the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS). This accreditation enables our certified faculty to offer NIMS certification exams to our students or to award alternative credit to those students who have already successfully completed certification exams.