(Effective Fall 2015)

Performance Standards

  • A student must complete 12 of the 18 required credits at Penn College.
  • Twelve of the 18 required credits must be taken at the 200 level or higher.
  • All course work applied to a minor must be completed with a grade of 'C' or higher; pass/fail courses cannot be applied toward a minor.
  • In addition to completing the required courses, students will be expected to complete all required prerequisites for the required courses. This expectation includes the following courses completed at the "C" level or higher: MTH 160, MTH 240, CIT 160, EET 145 and EET 245.


Credits Notes Lecture Lab/Clinical M/S Type
CIT230 Fundamentals of Information Security 3 3 S REQ
CIT240 Introduction to UNIX/Linux 3 3 S REQ
CIT335 Fundamentals of Cryptography 3 3 S REQ
IAS311 Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing 3 3 S REQ
IAS312 Network Defense 3 3 S REQ
LAS350 Legal Issues in Information Security Management 3 Science, Technology and Society Requirement 3 S REQ

Students enrolled in BCS are not eligible for this minor.