Effective Fall 2022

The Landscape/Plant Production Technology curriculum offers career opportunities for individuals who enjoy working with plant materials in a creative and productive environment. Students study design, sustainability, growing, installation, and maintenance of landscape and plant materials. Classroom and laboratory activities include the study of plant structure, physiology and growth, operation of landscape equipment, plant insects and diseases, and plant information and identification. Depending on the electives chosen, students can focus on general landscape operations, landscape construction and arboriculture, or plant production including structures and environments, production tools, equipment and materials, and techniques of production for ornamental, edible, and medicinal crops. In addition to vast career opportunities, graduates may transfer into advanced-degree programs at other colleges and universities.

Career Opportunities

Careers in the following segments of the landscape or "green" industry are available to the graduate: horticulture business owner; landscape design and installation; garden center or floral shop manager; horticultural product marketing and merchandising; greenhouse and nursery propagator of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous, edible, and medicinal crops; landscape, field, and production manager; arborist/tree care specialist; landscape foreman/supervisor; landscape designer; botanical and estate gardener; irrigation technician; horticulture product buyer; and horticulturist with an institutional or government agency.

Special Equipment Needs

See program Tool List for major.

Remediation Strategies

All incoming students must meet placement requirements in math. Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies as explained in the College Catalog (see https://www.pct.edu/catalog/admissions-policy).

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to: 
  • demonstrate the safe and effective use of tools and equipment common to the landscape/horticulture industry.
  • summarize the types of growing structures and materials used in the growth, installation, and maintenance of high-quality landscapes and plants in commercial production.
  • demonstrate a responsible and professional attitude in relationships with employers, colleagues, and clients.
  • apply basic knowledge of the science of horticulture to identify, sustainably grow, maintain, and evaluate the health of landscape and production plants.
  • demonstrate the skills required in management, merchandising, and marketing various crops, including record keeping and employee-employer relations.
  • use computers and the Internet as business/project management tools and information resources for planning, building, and managing a landscape enterprise.
  • design and apply skills to build functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing landscape plant material, accessories, and hardscapes in public, commercial, and/or residential landscape areas.
  • develop a plan to manage a landscape installation or maintenance job with the use of contracts, materials, and cost estimations using a variety of resources.


First SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
FYE101First Year Experience 1.50 1.50 SREQ
HRT101Introduction to Ornamental Horticulture 11 MREQ
HRT102Horticulture Equipment Operation & Safety 1 3 MREQ
HRT110Soils & Fertilizers 32 3 MREQ
HRT141Herbaceous Plants 32 3 MREQ
HRT142Introduction to Plant Propagation 32 3 MREQ
BIO111Basic Botany 32 3 MREQ
Second SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
HRT144Woody Plants 32 3 MREQ
HRT145Emerging Trends in Horticulture 11 MREQ
HRT234Horticulture Accessories 32 3 MREQ
HRT123Controlled Environment Agriculture 32 3 MREQ
ENL111English Composition I 33 SREQ
MTH113Business Mathematics 33 SREQ
MTH123Technical Algebra & Trigonometry I 32.50 1.50 SREQ
MTH181College Algebra & Trigonometry I 32.50 1.50 SREQ
Summer SessionCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
HRT150Internship 2 MREQ
Third SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
HRT208Containerized Plant Production 32 3 MREQ
HRT237Plant Management Practices 32 3 MREQ
HRT241Insects & Diseases of Ornamental Plants 3Writing Enriched Requirement2 3 MREQ
HRT251Computer Design Applications/Advanced Plants 31 6 MREQ
ENL201Technical & Professional Communication 33 SREQ
SPC101Fundamentals of Speech 33 SREQ
SPC201Interpersonal Communication 33 SREQ
CSC124Information, Technology & Society 33 SREQ
Fourth SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
HRT224Landscape Construction 31 6 MREQ
HRT236Advanced Plant Production Hemp & Hydro 32 3 MREQ
HRT238Horticulture Operations & Strategies 33 MREQ
URF201Arboriculture 32 3 MREQ
HRT260The Art of Floral Design 32 3 MREQ
HRT252Sustainable Horticulture 32 3 MREQ
HRT225Landscape Design 31 6 MREQ