Individual Studies (IS)

(Effective Fall 2013)

Individual Studies is the most flexible major offered by the College. Designed for students whose goals are not met by any other curriculum, Individual Studies offers students an opportunity to explore more than one career area at a time or simply to follow a program for personal enrichment while earning a degree or to upgrade work-related skills and knowledge. Although not specifically intended for students planning to transfer, it may serve the needs of those students as well. Although primarily elective, the curriculum requires students to complete a minimum of 12 semester hours of credit in one academic discipline or area of concentration.

Recommended High School Subjects

Students should take a traditional academic program including English literature and composition, mathematics (including at least algebra), social studies, science, and relevant electives.

Remediation Strategies

All entering students will be tested for English, math, and reading deficiencies. Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies as explained in this catalog (see ).

Transfer Procedures

Courses that students have successfully completed while enrolled in another program will automatically transfer if they satisfy designated distribution requirements in communications, mathematics, humanities, social sciences, art, or science. All other courses will be evaluated to determine their fit with the student's goals. Students must complete a minimum of the last 12 semester hours of credit while enrolled in the Individual Studies major.

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to:

  • explain the relationship between personal goals/objectives and academic subject matter.
  • apply critical thinking skills in a variety of personal and professional situations.
  • employ effective oral and written communication in personal and professional situations.
  • show respect for culturally diverse societies and environments.
  • recognize the inter-relationships of various disciplines.
  • demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental principles and theoretical issues/questions of at least one academic area.
  • use planning and organizational skills essential to academic and professional success.


First SemesterCredits
FYE101First Year Experience 1 
ENL111English Composition I 3 
HUMHumanities Elective 3 
SSESocial Science Elective 3 
ARTArt Elective 3 
FORForeign Language Elective 3 
AAEApplied Arts Elective 3 
IFEInternational Field Experience Elective 3 
CORLiberal Arts Elective 3 
GEAGeneral Elective 3 
Second SemesterCredits
CMMCommunication Elective 3 
MTHMathematics Elective 3 
GEAGeneral Elective 3 
SCIScience Elective 3 
GEAGeneral Elective 3 
Third SemesterCredits
FITFitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1 
ISEIndividual Studies Discipline Elective 12 
GEAGeneral Elective 3 
Fourth SemesterCredits
FITFitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1 
GEAGeneral Elective 3 
CSC124Information, Technology, and Society 3 
GEAGeneral Elective 3 
GEAGeneral Elective 3 
GEAGeneral Elective 3 

Additional Information

Students in Individual Studies select courses based on their individual goals. Advisers assist students with course selection and the sequencing of courses that fit the students' goals and that provide students with the skills and knowledge related to their specified area of concentration.