(Effective Fall 1998)

This is a cooperative program between Pennsylvania College of Technology and The Pennsylvania State University leading to a baccalaureate degree (B.S.). Students complete an associate degree (A.A.S.) at Penn College following the outline below and also receive the Vocational Teacher Education Endorsement. This Endorsement prepares graduates to transfer to a B.S. degree in Vocational Teacher Education at The Pennsylvania State University. During the first two years, the emphasis is on the development of a vocational-technical specialty supplemented with early professional teacher education experience. To complete the B.S. degree, the remainder of the program is delivered on the campus of Penn State and focuses on the development of skills in teaching, curriculum development, student service, and classroom management. Following this path will lead to technical competence in a career area leading to certification required to teach secondary vocational education.

Career Opportunities

Primary employment will be in secondary public education. Additional career paths may include proprietary schools, community colleges and technical postsecondary schools. Opportunity also exists in manufacturing, business and service industries with customer and personnel training departments.

Remediation Strategies

All entering students will be tested for English, math, and reading deficiencies. Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies as explained in this catalog (see http://www.pct.edu/catalog/PlacementTesting ).

Transfer Procedures

Students considering the Penn State program should consult with their academic adviser early in their technical program. Coordination of the Endorsement is the responsibility of the School of Industrial, Computing & Engineering Technologies. To assist in this coordination, students must communicate in writing their intent to complete this Endorsement to the Dean of the School of Industrial, Computing & Engineering Technologies. Students also must qualify to complete Pennsylvania state teaching certification requirements; this is done at Penn State.

Program Goals

Graduates of this major should be able to

  • understand the role of vocational education in the United States and the preparation required to work in the profession.
  • develop a plan for professional development and transfer to the Pennsylvania State University, Adult Workforce Education program.
  • observe several current vocational education sites and prepare written evaluations of these experiences.

Performance Standards

After completion of the degree and the additional courses, the student must have at least a 2.5 GPA (cumulative) for transfer to Penn State.


First Semester Credits
VOC100 Vocational Education 3  
VOC101 Early Field Experience 1  
ENL111 English Composition I 3  
SOC111 Introduction to Sociology 3  
MTH180 College Algebra and Trigonometry I 3  
ECO111 Principles of Macroeconomics 3  
ECO112 Principles of Microeconomics 3  
FIT Fitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1  
Second Semester Credits
VOC250 Vocational Education Co-Op Work Experience 1  
VOC251 Vocational Education Co-Op Work Experience 1  
ENL201 Technical and Professional Communication 3  
MTH182 College Algebra and Trigonometry II 3  
SCI Science Elective 3  
SCL Science Elective with lab 4  
STS Science/Technology/Society Elective 3  

The VOC 250 and VOC 251 co-op courses are satisfied by a co-op related to the technical major. One two-credit co-op class during the first summer would satisfy the requirement. Co-Op Voc Ed Experience: Credit for life/work experience may meet this requirement.

Additional Information

1. Students enroll in any Associate of Applied Science major at Penn College. Students must complete all requirements of that major. 2. Students desiring to complete a Vocational Teacher Education Endorsement must also: Complete these courses in their technical major: ENL111, ENL 201, SOC111, ECO111 or ECO112, Science Elective (3 or 4 credits), MTH180, MTH182, and a Fitness Elective (1 credit). Since these classes are from the General Education core, for some majors the main difference will be the mathematics level.