Effective Fall 2022

This program is designed to provide working knowledge of computer numerical control (CNC) operations, programming, and set-up on mills, lathes, and other metalworking equipment. Coursework includes mill and lathe operations, precision measurement, blueprint reading, and CNC programming.

Career Opportunities

Jobs are widely available for graduates. More than four million machinist jobs are expected to open in the near future. Job titles may include: Machinist; CNC Machinist; CNC Operator; Machining Operator; CNC Setup and Operator; and/or CNC Swiss Machine Setup Technician.

Special Equipment Needs

See program Tool List for major.

Remediation Strategies

All incoming students must meet placement requirements in math. Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies as explained in the College Catalog (see https://www.pct.edu/catalog/admissions-policy).

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to:
  • demonstrate safe work habits when operating manual and automated CNC machine tools.
  • demonstrate knowledge of the creation and interpretation of mechanical drawings using both standard and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) formats.
  • demonstrate knowledge of manual machine setup and operations, cutting tool selection, and safe machining techniques for milling and turning applications.
  • demonstrate knowledge of CNC machine tool setup, programming and operations, cutting tool selection, and tool geometry offsets for milling and turning applications.
  • apply knowledge of shop mathematics in determining machining and programming parameters such as cutting feeds and speeds, horsepower, torque, and productive machining times.
  • apply knowledge of CNC program creation and simulation using conversational, word address, and computer aided design (CAD)/computer aided manufacturing (CAM) programming software.


First SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
FYE101First Year Experience 1.50 1.50 SREQ
MTT128Mill Applications 41 9 MREQ
MTT129Lathe Applications 41 9 MREQ
CIM102Introduction to CAD/CAM 32 3 MREQ
CIM104CNC Machining & Programming I 32 3 MREQ
MTH123Technical Algebra & Trigonometry I 32.50 1.50 SREQ
MTH011Career Mathematics 32.50 1.50 SREQ
Second SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
CIM124CNC Machining & Programming II 42 6 MREQ
MTT131Quality Control with GD&T 41 9 MREQ
ENL111English Composition I 33 SREQ
ENL010Communications 33 SREQ