Automotive Technology: Mopar CAP Emphasis (CG)

(Effective Fall 2014)

This curriculum covers fundamental and advanced operating theories of automotive systems and components. Students learn to apply automotive operating principles and to diagnose malfunctions in automotive systems. The course work emphasizes the development of skills in service, repair, and test procedures on Chrysler vehicles and systems. Specialized service courses prepare students for advancement in Chrysler Group LLC dealerships. The major also prepares students to take written certification examinations (e.g., the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence examinations), vehicle safety inspection, and Chrysler Group certifications. Specific courses prepare the student for transfer to four-year majors, such as Automotive Technology Management.

Career Opportunities

Entry-level service technicians with enhanced career opportunities for the Chrysler Group LLC family of dealerships, including RAM truck, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, SRT, and Fiat.

Recommended High School Subjects

Three years of English, two years of algebra, and one year of science.

Special Admissions Requirements

Prospective students should contact the program immediately after submitting an application so that the available options are explained prior to enrollment. Student must have a valid driver’s license with no moving violations. Students should have a dealer commitment to internship prior to enrollment. Assistance with obtaining a dealer sponsor is available through the program coordinators.

Special Equipment Needs

See the tool list on the Automotive Technology: Mopar CAP Emphasis webpage.

Remediation Strategies

Students may enter the major with up to two developmental deficiencies. Students placing into either MTH004 or RDG001 must remediate before enrolling in any of the automotive major courses. The order of remediation for other developmental requirements is math, reading, and English. Mopar CAP students are strongly encouraged to remediate deficiencies prior to enrolling in the technical courses; otherwise, the dealership internship and graduation will be delayed by at least one semester.

Transfer Procedures

This major is subject to the transfer standards established by the College. Exceptions must be approved by the school dean.

Program Goals

A graduate of the major should be able to:

  • Understand and apply physical and scientific principles and technical knowledge necessary for successful employment as an automotive technician in a Chrysler dealership.
  • Achieve a technical skill level sufficient for entry-level employment and advancement as an automotive technician by meeting Chrysler certification requirements.
  • Demonstrate professional and appropriate workplace behaviors.
  • Engage in further technical skill development for advancement in the field of automotive service and repair.
  • Pursue employment in the field of automotive service and repair, or enroll in a four-year degree program.

Performance Standards

Performance standards for successful completion of all CAP-designated courses follow established College guidelines. Additional performance standards established by the Chrysler Group will be used to determine if factory training credit has been earned through the Chrysler Academy. The Mopar CAP instructor will monitor student progress during the program.


First SemesterCredits
FYE101First Year Experience 1 
CAP110Mopar Fundamentals of Automotive Technology 5 
CAP120Mopar Automotive Electrical Systems 5 
CAP160Mopar Dealership Internship I 2 
ENL111English Composition I 3 
Second SemesterCredits
CAP130Mopar Automotive Electronic Systems 6 
CAP140Mopar Automotive Chassis Systems 4 
CAP161Mopar Dealership Internship II 2 
MTH124Technical Algebra and Trigonometry I 3 
FITFitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1 
Summer SessionCredits
CAP145Mopar Automotive Climate Control Systems 3 
CAP162Mopar Dealership Internship III 2 
CSC124Information, Technology, and Society 3 
ENL201Technical and Professional Communication 3 
Third SemesterCredits
CAP210Mopar Engine Diagnosis and Repair 4 
CAP220Mopar Automotive Engine Performance 6 
CAP163Mopar Dealership Internship IV 2 
PHS103Physics Survey 3 
PHS114Physics with Technological Applications 4 
Fourth SemesterCredits
CAP164Mopar Dealership Internship V 2 
CAP230Mopar Automotive Manual Powertrain and 4-Wheel Drive Systems 4 
CAP240Mopar Automotive Automatic Powertrain Systems 6 
HUMHumanities Elective 3 
SSESocial Science Elective 3 
ARTArt Elective 3 
FORForeign Language Elective 3 
AAEApplied Arts Elective 3 
IFEInternational Field Experience Elective 3