Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA)

Residential Construction Technology and Management: Building Construction Technology Concentration (BRC)

(Effective Fall 2016)

This major is focused on the management of construction projects typified by single-family detached residential housing. The program is a BS degree that is based on students' completion of an applied technology curriculum in Building Construction Technology for the first four semesters of the program.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Residential Construction Technology and management will allow students who have acquired appropriate applied construction skills in their first two years to move into advanced coursework related to residential construction and management. Additional coursework includes basic management and accounting, plus courses focused on topics such as advanced estimating and scheduling, residential building systems, cost control, codes compliance, construction law, purchasing, and energy management issues.

Students may also choose to declare the Building Construction Technology associate-degree major (CB) by declaring a dual degree.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities will be focused primarily in the residential housing industry: builder, contractor, specialty contractor, project supervisor, warranty manager, estimator, purchasing agent, job foreman, site supervisor, inspector, project coordinator, project planner.

Special Equipment Needs

See the Tool List on the Building Construction Technology major web page.

Remediation Strategies

All students entering the major will be tested for English, mathematics, and reading deficiencies. Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies during the first semester as explained in the College Catalog (

Transfer Procedures

This major is subject to the transfer standards established in the College Catalog ( Exceptions must be approved by the school dean.

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to:

  • develop and implement a comprehensive job-site safety plan in accordance with applicable standards, and be able to ensure project compliance with all pertinent safety and insurance regulations.
  • interpret project drawings, make necessary changes during the construction process, and evaluate the impact of changes on schedules, costs, and resource requirements.
  • apply knowledge of current and emerging building system technologies and codes to evaluate, propose, and plan construction projects for distinctive residential construction projects.
  • manage all aspects of the residential construction process including marketing, planning, estimating, scheduling, quality control, and coordination of job-site resources.
  • communicate effectively with all groups involved in the residential construction process including prospective owners, subcontractors, skilled and unskilled laborers, supervisors, and government representatives.
  • organize and manage all aspects of project cost control using appropriate specialized software and computer hardware.
  • apply knowledge of basic legal and contractual requirements of residential construction projects and be able to incorporate the requirements into plans, drawings, communications, and construction practices.
  • manage human resources aspects of construction project personnel in areas of staffing requirements, training, ethical responsibilities, policy issues, ADA compliance, equal opportunity legislation, union and non-union labor, and conflict resolution.


First SemesterCredits
FYE101First Year Experience 1 
BCT103Construction Hand and Power Tools 1 
BCT104Construction Safety and Equipment 1 
BCT109Framing Principles 4 
BCT110Site Preparation and Layout 2 
BCT117Construction Materials and Application I 3 
CSC124Information, Technology, and Society 3 
MTH180College Algebra and Trigonometry I 3 
Second SemesterCredits
BCT118Construction Materials and Applications II 3 
BCT107Print Reading and Architectural Drafting 3 
BCT135Weather Resistant Barriers and Finishes 2 
BCT140Roof Structures 3 
BCT130Interior Finish 3 
ENL111English Composition I 3 
FITFitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1 
Third SemesterCredits
BCT234Masonry Principles 5 
BCT238Concrete Construction 3 
BCT260Introduction to Electrical and Mechanical Systems 3 
ENL121English Composition II 3 
ENL201Technical and Professional Communication 3 
PHS114Physics with Technological Applications 4 
PHS115College Physics I 4 
Fourth SemesterCredits
BCT255Construction Estimating 3 
BCT256Residential Construction Planning, Scheduling and Management 3 
BCT259Trim and Millwork 5 
BCT268Construction Technology Applications 3 
BCT305Codes in Construction 1 
HUMHumanities Elective 3 
SSESocial Science Elective 3 
ARTArt Elective 3 
FORForeign Language Elective 3 
AAEApplied Arts Elective 3 
IFEInternational Field Experience Elective 3 
Fifth SemesterCredits
ACH135Architectural Computer Aided Drafting 3 
BCT307Managing Construction Safety 3 
ACC113Introduction to Financial Accounting 3 
MGT115Principles of Management 3 
SPC101Fundamentals of Speech 3 
SPC201Interpersonal Communication 3 
SSESocial Science Elective 3 
Sixth SemesterCredits
BCT300Residential Management I 3 Writing Enriched Requirement
BCT321Residential Design and Build 1 
BCT322Managing Changes During Construction 1 
ACC210Payroll, State, and Local Taxation 3 
ARTArt Elective 3 
MTH172Introduction to Geometry 3 
MTH182College Algebra and Trigonometry II 3 
SCIScience Elective 3 
Summer SessionCredits
BCT496ISenior Project Internship 3 
Seventh SemesterCredits
BCT340Land and Property Development 1 
BCT308Residential Management II 2 
BCT330Residential Building Systems 3 
FITFitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 1 
BPTCultural Diversity Elective: Humanities/Social Science/Art/Foreign Language/Applied Arts/Int'l Field Exp 3 
HUMHumanities Elective 3 
OEAOpen Elective / Associate 3 
Eighth SemesterCredits
BCT411Advanced Residential Estimating and Scheduling 3 
BCT420Advanced Mechanical Systems 2 
BCT430Contemporary Issues in Residential Construction 3 Science, Technology and Society Requirement
CORLiberal Arts Elective 3 
MGT248Supervision and Human Relations 3 
OEAOpen Elective / Associate 3 

Additional Information

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