Effective Fall 2022

First class accepted Fall 2023. 

The coursework emphasizes a science-based curriculum in general biology, embryology, anatomy and physiology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, biochemistry, epidemiology, immunology, and infectious disease. Courses in nutrition, pharmacology, research methods, global health, the social sciences, and healthcare delivery systems ensure students are prepared for a variety of hands-on professions in healthcare, laboratory science, and the biomedical sciences. Graduates will also have the foundation needed for entry into graduate education in such fields as physician assistant, pharmacy, optometry, dentistry, and physical therapy, epidemiology, and medical research.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities can be found in a variety of hands-on professions in medical laboratory science, biomedical sciences, and within the related fields of medical research, immunology, genetics, chemistry, forensic science, toxicology, microbiology, pharmaceutics, and medical manufacturing, for example.

Special Admissions Requirements

There are no special admission requirements for this major.

Remediation Strategies

All incoming students must meet placement requirements in math. Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies as explained in the College Catalog (see https://www.pct.edu/catalog/admissions-policy).

Transfer Procedures

This major is subject to the transfer standards established by the College (see https://www.pct.edu/admissions/transfer/transferring-credits). Exceptions must be approved by the school dean.

International health credentials/licensure, sciences courses, and most math courses will not be accepted to satisfy requirements of this major. Please see additional information for international students applying to Nursing & Health Sciences majors.

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to: 
  • demonstrate professional communication of biomedical sciences and health-related concepts utilizing professional written and oral skills.
  • demonstrate knowledge of the core concepts of biomedical sciences.
  • appraise the contribution and impact of the core biomedical sciences in advancing healthcare practices.
  • analyze broad knowledge of biomedical concepts as they relate to health and human disease.
  • analyze scientific research and literature in biomedical sciences and health-related concepts.

Performance Standards

All students must earn a "C" (2.0) or higher in all BIO, MTH, PHS, HTH, and CHM courses. If a lower grade is earned in any of these courses, the course must be repeated.


First SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
FYE101First Year Experience 1.50 1.50 SREQ
BIO108Principles of Biology I 43 3 MREQ
BIO115Human Anatomy & Physiology I 43 3 MREQ
ENL111English Composition I 33 SREQ
MTH181College Algebra & Trigonometry I 32.50 1.50 MREQ
Second SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
BIO109Principles of Biology II 43 3 MREQ
BIO125Human Anatomy & Physiology II 43 3 MREQ
ENL121English Composition II 33 SREQ
ENL201Technical & Professional Communication 33 SREQ
MTR104Basics of Medical Terminology 33 SREQ
MTH183College Algebra & Trigonometry II 32.50 1.50 MREQ
Third SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
CHM111General Chemistry I 43 3 MREQ
PHS115College Physics I 43 3 MREQ
SPCSpeech Elective 3 SSPC
CSC124Information, Technology & Society 33 SREQ
Fourth SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
CHM121General Chemistry II 43 3 MREQ
PHS125College Physics II 43 3 MREQ
PSY111General Psychology 33 SREQ
ARPCore Arts Perspective 3 SARP
HIPCore Historical Perspective 3 SHIP
Fifth SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
BIO201Microbiology 43 3 MREQ
CHM210Organic Chemistry I 33 MREQ
CHM211Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 1 3 MREQ
BIO204Embryology 33 MREQ
PSY201Abnormal Psychology 33 SREQ
MTH159Statistics for Health & Behavioral Sciences 33 MREQ
Sixth SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
BIO310Genetics 33 MREQ
HTH302Foundations of Epidemiology 33 MREQ
BIO320Immunology & Infectious Disease 33 MREQ
PSY203Developmental Psychology 33 SREQ
CHM220Organic Chemistry II 33 MREQ
CHM221Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 1 3 MREQ
Seventh SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
HTH325Healthcare Delivery Systems 33 MREQ
BIO311Introduction to Human Pathophysiology 33 MREQ
HTH303Nutrition Science 33 MREQ
CHM370Biochemistry 33 MREQ
OEAOpen Elective 3 SOEA
Eighth SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
HTH310Health Issues & Transitions 3Writing Enriched Requirement &
Cultural Diversity Requirement &
Science, Technology and Society Requirement
HTH304Introduction to Pharmacology 33 MREQ
HTH415Introduction to Global Health 3Cultural Diversity Requirement &
Science, Technology and Society Requirement
HTH382Ethical & Legal Issues Related to Medicine 33 MREQ
HTH409Research Methods for Healthcare 33 MREQ