Effective Fall 2020

As an online degree program, the Automotive Technology Management Bachelor of Science degree is a two plus two major for students who hold an Associate degree. The program is offered both on campus and by distance learning. An A.A.S. in automotive, diesel, or collision repair can expand career opportunities; however, a technical degree is not required because the upper level courses emphasize skills essential to a management career within the industry. The program’s coursework includes technician supervision and personnel management, customer service and sales, industry legal issues and conflict resolution, technical efficiency and production tracking, business problem solving methods and profit center analysis, strategic business planning, and industry communication proficiency.

Career Opportunities

The program prepares students to work at industry dealership fleets, franchises, chain operations or independent service facilities as a service manager, service consultant, or owner/general manager. Students also may work for retailers, distributors or manufacturers as a regional representative, parts or vehicle salesperson, product trainer, warranty administrator, insurance claim adjuster, or technical writer. For students with an industry related associate degree, they may qualify for employment as a service engineer, technical trainer, or trade area instructor at schools and colleges.

Special Admissions Requirements

A.A.S degree from an accredited institution or NATEF certified school or completed ASE Master Technician Certification (8 certifications total) and official/final high school transcript.

Special Equipment Needs

See program Tool List for major.

Students must have access to a computer with consistent Internet access. Technical requirements are as follows:

  • Windows 10 or higher, macOS 11 or higher (recommended).
  • Intel Core i5 or i7 (generation 10 or higher) processor (recommended).
  • 8+ GB RAM (recommended).
  • 250+ GB Solid State Disk (SSD) drive (recommended).
  • Laptop must include a webcam and microphone (required).
  • Laptop must include a wireless network card (required).
  • Broadband Internet connection when working off campus (required).
  • Additional plug-ins may be required (Information Technology Services - Service Desk available for assistance).
  • Chromebooks and other devices running ChromeOS are prohibited.

Remediation Strategies

All incoming students must meet placement requirements in math. Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies as explained in the College Catalog (see https://www.pct.edu/catalog/admissions-policy).

Transfer Procedures

Students may transfer with an associate degree from Penn College or other regionally accredited colleges with equivalent courses. Penn College officials will evaluate transcripts prior to acceptance to the major and junior level status. Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certificate, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Certification(s), or industry specific training that includes full-time industry related work experience will be evaluated on an individual basis for credit as determined by the Automotive Department.

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to: 
  • manage customer relationships and generate service sales that meet planned profit requirements.
  • supervise repair operations and service personnel to meet production, safety, legal, and cost control needs.
  • identify automotive service problems, obtain data, analyze, and formulate solution options.
  • prepare reports that are supported with citations and relevant quantitative information.


First SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
PTMPrevious Program Courses 12 MPTM
MHIMath Elective (MTH113 or Higher) 3 SMHI
Second SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
PTMPrevious Program Courses 9 MPTM
CSC124Information, Technology & Society 33 SREQ
ENL111English Composition I 33 SREQ
Third SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
PTMPrevious Program Courses 9 MPTM
ENL121English Composition II 33 SREQ
ENL201Technical & Professional Communication 33 SREQ
OEEExploration Elective 3 SOEE
Fourth SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
PTMPrevious Program Courses 6 MPTM
SCIScience Elective 3 SSCI
ATMAutomotive Technology Management Electives 3 MATM
ABM300Vehicle Systems & Function for Customer Service Personnel 33 MREQ
ATMAutomotive Technology Management Electives 3 MATM
ABM301Vehicle Repair & Diagnostic Procedures for Customer Service Personnel 33 MREQ
Summer SessionCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
SASSuccessful Completion of an Approved Associate of Applied Science Degree  SSAS
Fifth SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
ABM310Automotive Management & Customer Service 3Writing Enriched Requirement3 MREQ
ACC113Introduction to Financial Accounting 33 SREQ
ECO111Principles of Macroeconomics 33 SREQ
MGT115Principles of Management 33 SREQ
CHM100Fundamentals of Chemistry 43 3 SREQ
MSC106Introduction to Metallurgy 43 3 SREQ
SAF110Occupational Health & Safety 22 SREQ
Sixth SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
ABM350Automotive Management Strategic Planning & Personnel 33 MREQ
ABM355Advanced Topics in Automotive Technology 3Science, Technology and Society Requirement3 MREQ
MGT330Managerial Decision Making 33 SREQ
MGT301Business Law I 33 SREQ
MTH159Statistics for Health & Behavioral Sciences 33 SREQ
SPC101Fundamentals of Speech 33 SREQ
SPC201Interpersonal Communication 33 SREQ
Seventh SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
ABM450Automotive Managerial Analysis 33 MREQ
ABM455Automotive Technical Training & Workforce Development 33 MREQ
MGT248Supervision & Human Relations 33 SREQ
MGT249Small Business Management 33 SREQ
HRM300Human Resource Management 33 SREQ
OEAOpen Elective 3 SOEA
OEEExploration Elective 3 SOEE
Eighth SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
ABM495Senior Project 33 MREQ
HIPCore Historical Perspective 3 SHIP
ARPCore Arts Perspective 3 SARP
OEAOpen Elective 3 SOEA
CDPCore Global & Cultural Diversity Perspective 3 SCDP

Automotive Technology Management Electives will consist of major designated courses for AAS in the Automotive and Collision Repair majors with the course designators of AMT, ABC, HAD, WEL, MGT, MKT, ECO and SAF.


Accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE)