Effective Fall 2022

This major offers an option for students who are interested in pursuing a career in a healthcare environment without direct patient care. Coursework in biological and social sciences, pathology and disease, and healthcare documentation is paired with management courses to provide a foundation for work or further student in allied health professions. The curriculum includes 15 credits of allied health electives that allow students to customize the degree to fit their education and career goals. Students may also earn up to 6 credits for current U.S. healthcare credentials, such as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), certified nursing assistant (CNA), or pharmacy technician (CPhT), depending on the type of credential and scope of training. An adviser works with each student to help design an academic plan that best meets the student's goals.

Career Opportunities

This major will provide a career pathway for any student seeking a non-direct patient career in healthcare, including but not limited to medical billing supervisor, medical office manager, research assistant, patient advocate, medical supply manager, and allied health instructor. This major will also appeal to professionals seeking advancement in allied health careers that do not require a degree for initial certification. This option also provides a foundation for those seeking to continue to their education in various Bachelor of Science (B.S.) programs.

Remediation Strategies

All incoming students must meet placement requirements in math. Students are expected to remediate any deficiencies as explained in the College Catalog (see https://www.pct.edu/catalog/admissions-policy).

Transfer Procedures

This major is subject to the transfer standards established by the College (see https://www.pct.edu/admissions/transfer/transferring-credits). Exceptions must be approved by the school dean.

Students may earn up to 6 allied health elective credits for current U.S. healthcare credentials. Proof of current certification/licensure is required.

International health credentials/licensure, sciences courses, and most math courses will not be accepted to satisfy requirements of this major. Please see additional information for international students applying to Nursing & Health Sciences majors.

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to:
  • demonstrate professional and ethical conduct with work processes that are culturally competent and consistent with current allied health professions.
  • identify current concepts and practices applicable to healthcare informatics.
  • demonstrate appropriate interpersonal communication skills.
  • apply effective critical thinking skills applicable to the healthcare environment.
  • apply foundational knowledge of biological and social sciences as it relates to allied health professions.


First SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
FYE101First Year Experience 1.50 1.50 SREQ
BIO103Human Anatomy & Physiology Survey 43 3 MREQ
BIO115Human Anatomy & Physiology I 43 3 MREQ
MNAMath Elective (MTH123 or Higher) 3 MMNA
MTR100Medical Terminology Survey 11 MREQ
MTR104Basics of Medical Terminology 33 MREQ
ENL111English Composition I 33 SREQ
PSY111General Psychology 33 SREQ
SOC111Introduction to Sociology 33 SREQ
Second SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
SPCSpeech Elective 3 SSPC
ENL121English Composition II 33 SREQ
ENL201Technical & Professional Communication 33 SREQ
FITFitness & Wellness Elective 1 SFIT
CSC124Information, Technology & Society 33 SREQ
BIO125Human Anatomy & Physiology II 43 3 MREQ
CHM100Fundamentals of Chemistry 43 3 MREQ
CHM108Chemistry Survey 43 3 MREQ
CHM111General Chemistry I 43 3 MREQ
AHSAllied Health Elective 6 MAHS
Third SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
HTH126Pathology & Mental Health 33 MREQ
PHL210Ethics 33 MREQ
MGT115Principles of Management 33 MREQ
HTH110Introduction to Health Record Documentation & Coding 33 MREQ
AHSAllied Health Elective 3 MAHS
Fourth SemesterCreditsNotesLectureLab/ClinicalM/SType
HTH127Pathology & Disease Mechanisms 33 MREQ
HRM300Human Resource Management 33 MREQ
OEAOpen Elective 3 SOEA
AHSAllied Health Elective 6 MAHS