Effective Fall 2021

This credential will provide students basic knowledge and skills to understand the technical aspects of concrete materials, processing methods, tools, safety, and proper working procedures for various types of concrete and specific applications. As part of the Technician I credential, students will have the opportunity to earn the OSHA Silica Competent Person certification; the American Concrete Institute Concrete Finishing Technician certification; and the National Ready-Mix Concrete Association Pervious Concrete Technician certification.

Program Goals

Upon completion of this credential, a student should be able to: 
  • identify significant historical events and their effect on the concrete industry.
  • practice safe work habits in a professional and responsible manner. 
  • interpret concrete drawings, identify key symbols specific to concrete, and estimate quantities per plan.
  • perform a standard evaluation and provide recommendations for concrete strengths, reinforcement and thickness per specific application.
  • successfully obtain professional industry certifications.

Performance Standards

  • A competency credential must be completed within three years of enrollment in the credential.
  • Non-traditional credit such as credit-by-exam, work/life experience, and transfer credit is limited to one third of the total credits in the credential. Two thirds of the requirements must be completed by course enrollment.
  • Students must earn a grade of C or better in each course to merit the credential.


CST100Introduction to Concrete Science Technology 11 MREQ
CST110Concrete Tools & Materials 22 MREQ
CST205Structural Concrete 32.50 1.50 MREQ
CST204Decorative Concrete 31 6 MREQ
CST210Concrete Construction Estimating 32 3 MREQ