(Effective Fall 2012)

This series of courses prepares the student to install and evaluate aftermarket performance equipment and modifications that will safely improve drivability and driver satisfaction of late model street-legal vehicles.  Students use diagnostic test equipment to determine performance enhancement, suitability, and compatibility with existing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) mechanical/electrical and electronic controls.

Performance Standards

  • A competency credential must be completed within three years of enrollment in the credential.
  • Non-traditional credit such as credit-by-exam, work/life experience, and transfer credit is limited to one third of the total credits in the credential.  Two thirds of the requirements must be completed by course enrollment.
  • Students must earn a grade of C or better in each course to merit the credential.  


Credits Notes Lecture Lab/Clinical M/S Type
AMT265 Automotive Engine Machining Processes 3 1.50 4.50 M REQ
AMT277 Engine Head; Porting and Polishing Modifications 2 1 3 M REQ
AMT278 Automotive Dynamometer and Performance Parts Testing I 3 1.50 4.50 M REQ
AMT279 Automotive Dynamometer and Performance Parts Testing II 3 1.50 4.50 M REQ