(Effective Fall 2006)

This credential provides students with the rare opportunity to work for a semester in Penn State's multimillion-dollar Nanofabrication Facility at University Park. Students work in a clean-room environment and gain experience with state-of-the-art tools used to produce the silicon devices that have an ever-expanding impact on consumer products, biotechnology, and the electronics industry.

Performance Standards

  • A competency credential must be completed within three years of enrollment in the credential.
  • Non-traditional credit such as credit-by-exam, work/life experience, and transfer credit is limited to one third of the total credits in the credential.  Two thirds of the requirements must be completed by course enrollment.
  • Students must earn a grade of C or better in each course to merit the credential.


Credits Notes Lecture Lab/Clinical M/S Type
EET272 Materials, Safety and Equipment Overview for Nanofabrication (PSU: ESC211) 3 2 3 M REQ
EET273 Basic Nanofabrication Processes (PSU: ESC212) 3 2 3 M REQ
EET274 Thin Films in Nanofabrication (PSU: ESC213) 3 2 3 M REQ
EET275 Advanced Lithography and Patterning Techniques (PSU: ESC214) 3 2 3 M REQ
EET276 Materials Modification in Nanofabrication (PSU: ESC215) 3 2 3 M REQ
EET277 Characterization, Packaging, and Testing of Nanofabricated Structures (PSU: ESC216) 3 2 3 M REQ