International health credentials/licensure will not be accepted. Students seeking admission into Applied Health Studies, Nursing, Physician Assistant, Radiography, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Surgical Technology, and Emergency Medical Services who possess a health credential awarded from an educational institution outside the United States should contact the appropriate program director (see list below) to discuss possible options to have a health credential reviewed by an appropriate foreign health credential evaluation agency in order to determine eligibility to take the U.S. health credentialing exam.

Although international health care credentials may not meet the admissions requirements of your desired Nursing & Health Sciences major, the opportunity to attend Penn College may still be available. The Admissions Office may offer admission into one of our pre-health degrees. This option requires a student to choose a health care degree offered at Penn College and complete at least an associate’s degree in that field. Please be aware that acceptance into a specific health major will include Special Admission Requirements. For instance, if you choose to pursue the associate’s degree in Nursing, you would first be considered a pre-nursing student. By completing the required sciences, math, and other pre-program courses, you work toward selection into the program phase of the degree. Program candidates are chosen on the strength of their pre-program course grades. There is no guarantee of acceptance into the program phase of the degree.

In addition to restrictions on international health credentials, we do not accept for transfer any international sciences or math courses to satisfy pre-program or program requirements in any Nursing & Health Sciences major. However, once registered, a student may pursue credit-by-examination for one of the required math or science courses. The credit-by-exam process for these courses is directed by the School of Science, Humanities & Visual Communications.

Program Area Primary Contact
Applied Health Studies Dr. Tina Evans
Dental Hygiene Mr. Shawn Kiser
Exercise Science Ms. Emily Miller
Health Information Mr. Dan Christopher
Nursing Dr. Valerie Myers or Ms. Diane Smith or Wayne Reich
Occupational Therapy Assistant Ms. Jeanne Kerschner
Paramedic/Emergency Medical Ms. Bambi Hawkins
Physical Therapy Assistant Ms. Nancy Wood
Physician Assistant Dr. Kendra Boell
Radiography Mr. Regis Kohler
Surgical Technology Mr. Scott Geist

You may also contact the School of Nursing & Health Sciences dean, Dr. Sandra Richmond, for information.