Sciences, Humanities & Visual Communications

BRW2994: Principles of Brewing and Fermentation Biology: Principles of brewing and fermentation biology is the study of the fundamental processes of life and its applications in brewing and fermentation science. This course will enhance students' awareness of how biology impacts the brewing and fermentation process and increase understanding of how science is conducted. Topics include the scientific method, chemicals of life, cell structure and function, the molecular basis of inheritance, metabolism, metabolic reactions, genetic engineering, membrane properties, the cell cycle, plant biology, and the development of cellular and molecular laboratory techniques. This course is intended for brewing and fermentation science majors. 4 Credits. Prerequisites: Placement by examination or MTH005. Corequisite: ENL111

Construction & Design Technologies

ACH1991: Architecture Capstone Gallery Independent Study: Planning and development related to the gallery showing of the architecture projects. Includes collaboration and coordination with the instructor, and with the director of the PCT gallery to organize and market the show and reception. Incorporates construction of furniture like items and display elements for the show, utilizing the PCT Makerspace. 


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