Level 2B Clinical Experience


A minimum of seven weeks of full-time clinical education experience in acute care, outpatient, long-term care, or specialty facility (as approved by the department) to follow successful completion of Level 2A Clinical Experience. This is the final supervised clinical experience for students and should be completed in a setting not previously utilized for clinical education. Practical experience encounters allow students to integrate and apply knowledge and skills with patients of varied ages and conditions. All activities are performed in the presence of a licensed physical therapist. Completion of all coursework of the PTA curriculum, Level 2A Clinical Experience, current CPI certification, and approval of the department are required prior to enrollment in this course. Grading evaluated as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. NOTE: Student is responsible for room, board, and all transportation to and from the clinical site. Designed to provide a minimum of 280 clinical education hours. Summer Only.

3 Credits: 0 Lecture, 9 Clinical