Level 2A Clinical Experience


A minimum of seven weeks of full time supervised clinical experience practicing the skills of an entry level PTA. Assignment to an orthopedic, long term care, or acute care setting where they receive practical experience integrating and applying knowledge and skills to patients/clients of a variety of ages and conditions. All activities will be performed in the presence of a licensed physical therapist. Successful completion of all required course work of the PTA curriculum, current CPT certification, and approval of the department prior to enrolling in this course is required. Grading evaluated as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. NOTE: Student is responsible for room, board and all transportation to and from the clinical site. Minimum of 280 clinical education hours for the course. Summer Only.

3 Credits: 0 Lecture, 9 Clinical


PTA240 and PTA245 and PTA250 and PTA260 and PTA265