Pharmacology in Healthcare I


First of two sequenced pharmacology courses to provide an introduction to basic pharmacological concepts. Pharmacology concepts build from simple to complex with an established knowledge base of chemistry, anatomy and physiology, physical assessment, and nursing process. Examines and applies foundational pharmacological concepts. Definition of pharmacological terms presented in the exploration of the phases of the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics processes. Examination of selected drug categories and a review of representative drug prototypes for each category is provided. Discussion of the therapeutic effects, arrays of responses, and categories of interactions of these medications and relevant legal and ethical aspects of medication administration explored. Knowledge developed serves as a platform for continued expansion of pharmacological understanding in future coursework.

1 Credit: 1 Lecture

CHM108 and NUR232 and NUR288; or
CHM100 and NUR232 and NUR288; or
CHM111 and NUR232 and NUR288