MTH Mathematics Elective

Skill areas: analysis of numerical problems and selection of appropriate methods of solution, comprehension of ordered systems of reasoning, application of statistical methodology to groups of data, evaluation of alternative solutions, demonstration of systematic planning skills, and application of time management skills

  • MTH113 - Business Mathematics
  • MTH124 - Technical Algebra and Trigonometry I
  • MTH125 - Technical Algebra and Trigonometry II
  • MTH151 - Structures of Mathematics
  • MTH153 - Topics in Mathematics
  • MTH155 - Mathematics in Non-European Cultures I (Electives:CUL,HUM)
  • MTH156 - Mathematics in Non-European Cultures II (Electives:CUL,HUM)
  • MTH160 - Elementary Statistics with Computer Applications
  • MTH172 - Introduction to Geometry
  • MTH180 - College Algebra and Trigonometry I
  • MTH182 - College Algebra and Trigonometry II
  • MTH190 - Pre-Calculus
  • MTH210 - Statistical Methods with Computer Applications
  • MTH230 - Applied Calculus
  • MTH240 - Calculus I
  • MTH242 - Calculus II
  • MTH252 - Discrete Mathematics
  • MTH255 - Linear Algebra
  • MTH340 - Calculus III
  • MTH346 - Ordinary Differential Equations

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