HUM Humanities Elective

Skill areas: evaluation of expressive works and ideas, evaluation of the historical basis of current society, evaluation of diversity of world cultures, evaluation of the influence of the arts, application of ethical choices, and evaluation of personal values

  • ANT113 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Electives:CUL,SSE)
  • EDU121 - Children's and Young Adult Literature
  • ENL221 - Detective Fiction
  • ENL240 - Early American Literature
  • ENL265 - Sport Literature
  • ENL270 - American Comedy
  • HIS116 - World History I (Electives:CUL,SSE)
  • HIS126 - World History II (Electives:CUL,SSE)
  • HIS136 - United States Survey to 1877 (Electives:CUL)
  • HIS146 - United States Survey from 1877 to the Present (Electives:CUL)
  • HIS204 - History of Religion (Electives:CUL,SSE)
  • HIS262 - Technology and Society (Electives:SSE,STS,WRT)
  • HIS301 - History of Commerce (Electives:CUL,SSE)
  • HIS302 - An Age of War: A Cultural History of World War I and II (Electives:CUL,SSE,WRT)
  • HIS325 - Native American History and Culture (Electives:CUL,WRT)
  • HIS330 - Civil War and Reconstruction (Electives:CUL,WRT)
  • HIS335 - U.S. Constitutional and Legal History (Electives:CUL,WRT)
  • HIS450 - History Seminar (Electives:SSE,WRT)
  • HUM225 - Fairy Tales and Fables (Electives:CUL)
  • HUM230 - Science and Religion: A Cultural Perspective (Electives:CUL)
  • HUM301 - Scientific Literature: Historical and Social Contexts (Electives:STS,WRT)
  • LAS400 - Constitutional Law (Electives:CUL)
  • MCM323 - Media Evolution and Social Influence (Electives:WRT)
  • MTH155 - Mathematics in Non-European Cultures I (Electives:CUL)
  • MTH156 - Mathematics in Non-European Cultures II (Electives:CUL)
  • PHL110 - Introduction to Philosophy (Electives:SSE)
  • PHL210 - Ethics (Electives:SSE)

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