Health Information Senior Capstone


Capstone experience intended to reinforce the knowledge obtained from lectures and laboratory assignments in previous courses. Observation and/or work with management personnel in the health information department of an acute care, long term care, ambulatory care facility, and/or other health information related organization is included to apply knowledge of health information functions, health care statistics, advanced coding and reimbursement procedures, data analysis and quality management, and management and supervision. The experience provides an opportunity to synthesize, analyze, and develop solutions to health information issues or problems. A health information program for implementation in a health information department, a major written health information project, or a written portfolio with relevance to the health information profession will be completed under the guidance of a faculty mentor. As needed.

3 Credits: 3 Lecture

HIT320 and HIT325 and HIT410 and HIT420; or
HIT321 and HIT326 and HIT411 and HIT421; or
HIT320 and HIT325 and HIT411 and HIT421