Computing & Engineering Technology

EET3994 Advanced Topics in Sensing and control: This course covers Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) theory and applications. Emphasis is placed on writing and debugging simply relay ladder logic programs, I/O modules specifications and wiring, proximity sensors, basic motor starter circuits, electrical safety circuits, timers, counters, communication and using PLC programming software. This course will allow students to develop and understanding of SCADA and how to design and develop a Human Machine Interface system for use with PLC devices. 4 credits (3 lecture - 3 lab)

EET4993 Advanced Automation Software: This course will use different software to acquire data from industrial controllers and display them to a user. Data storage and processing of the date will be covered. Different communication protocols will be discussed. Strategies on how the date is used and associated data standards will be discussed. This course will allow students to develop an understanding of data standards and how to implement them in an industrial automation projects.  3 credits (2 lecture - 3 lab)

Nursing & Health Sciences

NUR399E Impact of Substance Abuse: This course will focus on addiction in today’s society and the impact on the delivery of nursing care. The power of addiction on the family system, the community, the legal system, employers, and healthcare in general, will also be explored. Trending topics will be discussed, such as the legalization of marijuana, cultural influences, policy and legislation on prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation. Reflection upon personal experiences within and outside the healthcare system and incorporation of evidence-based research will be utilized to improve health outcomes and enhance professional practice. 1 credit (1 lecture)

NUR399N Exploration in Global Healthcare: Exploration of global healthcare to increase knowledge of cultural concepts as it relates to nursing care and to create an increased awareness of culturally competent nursing behaviors. Incorporates planning, implementing, and evaluating primary health care in another country. Focused primarily on, but not limited to pediatric nursing. Emphasis on communication differences, nursing interventions, health care practices, and needs of the population.  3 credit (3 lecture)

Science, Humanities and Visual Communications

ANT299 Fermentation and Human Culture: Overview of the history and significance of fermentation throughout cultural history. Focusing on fermentation by examining its cultural significance and applications through the progression of human history and in the major world regions, the course will build a comprehensive and cross-cultural appreciation of complex and deep cultural connection humans have developed with fermentation. This will lead students to investigate why fermentation has become a central component of modern cultures by examining the definition of human culture as an environmental adaptation, analyze the cultural dimensions of food productions and preservation (farming, economic systems, household ecology). Then, students will progress through human history with a regional and chronologically structured investigation of world cultures and the role fermentation played for them beginning with early foragers and concluding with the industrialized global system of today.  3 credits Prerequisite: ENL111 (Cultural Diversity)

BIO1994 Basic biology of Brewing: Basic Biology of Brewing studies the fundamental processes of life pertinent to understanding the science of brewing and fermentation. Topics include the scientific method, the chemicals of life, cell structure and function, the molecular basis of inheritance, metabolism, metabolic reactions, membrane properties, the cell cycle, plant structure and function, and the development of cellular and molecular laboratory techniques. This course is intended for brewing and fermentation science students.  4 credits. (3 lecture – 3 lab). Prerequisite(s): Placement by Examination or MTH 005 and Placement by Examination. Co-requisite: ENL 111

HIS399 Women's History: Study of women's history in America from the colonial period through the present. Emphasis on the changing roles of women, feminist movements, and activism. Course highlights the importance of historical context of women's issues throughout American history.  3 credits. (3 lecture). Prerequisite(s): RDG111 and ENL111

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