Skill areas: comprehension, analysis and synthesis of written material, expression of concepts in writing, application of revision and proofreading techniques, expression of concepts orally, comprehension of nonverbal communication, communication in a team atmosphere, application of active listening skills, utilization of resource materials to support opinion, demonstration of systematic planning skills, and application of time management skills

  • ENL121 - English Composition II
  • ENL201 - Technical and Professional Communication
  • ENL235 - Creative Writing (Electives:ART)
  • ENL301 - Advanced Technical Communication
  • SPC101 - Fundamentals of Speech
  • SPC102 - Fundamentals of Small Group Communication
  • SPC201 - Interpersonal Communication
  • SPC301 - Organizational Communication (Electives:CUL)
  • SPC302 - Intercultural Communication (Electives:CUL)