BPT Cultural Diversity Elective: Humanities/Social Science/Art/Foreign Language/Applied Arts/Int'l Field Exp

  • ACH270 - European Sustainable Building, Historical Architecture and Art (Electives:ART,CUL)
  • ACH271 - Global Cities; Architecture Ideals, Urban Forms, and Artistic Aspirations (Electives:ART,CUL)
  • ANT113 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Electives:CUL,HUM,SSE)
  • ART256 - Art and Architecture of Antiquity (Electives:ART,CUL)
  • ART257 - Art and Architecture of Antiquity - Study Abroad (Electives:ART,CUL)
  • HIS116 - World History I (Electives:CUL,HUM,SSE)
  • HIS126 - World History II (Electives:CUL,HUM,SSE)
  • HIS136 - United States Survey to 1877 (Electives:CUL,HUM)
  • HIS146 - United States Survey from 1877 to the Present (Electives:CUL,HUM)
  • HIS204 - History of Religion (Electives:CUL,HUM,SSE)
  • HIS301 - History of Commerce (Electives:CUL,HUM,SSE)
  • HIS302 - An Age of War: A Cultural History of World War I and II (Electives:CUL,HUM,SSE,WRT)
  • HIS325 - Native American History and Culture (Electives:CUL,HUM,WRT)
  • HIS330 - Civil War and Reconstruction (Electives:CUL,HUM,WRT)
  • HIS450 - History Seminar (Electives:HUM,SSE,WRT)
  • HUM225 - Fairy Tales and Fables (Electives:CUL,HUM)
  • HUM230 - Science and Religion: A Cultural Perspective (Electives:CUL,HUM)
  • MTH155 - Mathematics in Non-European Cultures I (Electives:CUL,HUM)
  • MTH156 - Mathematics in Non-European Cultures II (Electives:CUL,HUM)
  • PSC261 - International Relations (Electives:CUL,SSE)
  • SOC270 - Death and Dying (Electives:CUL,SSE)
  • SOC311 - Sociology of Work and Culture (Electives:CUL,SSE)
  • SOC321 - Ethnicity, Class, and Status in the United States (Electives:CUL,SSE)
  • SOC323 - Gender Issues in the United States (Electives:CUL,SSE)
  • SOC330 - Technology and Global Social Issues (Electives:CUL,SSE,STS)
  • SPA105 - Workplace Spanish I (Electives:CUL)

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