Automotive Engine Machining Processes


Basic principles and methodologies of engine machining operations. Topics include parts preparation and checking prior to the machining process; parts cleaning operations, including chemical and abrasive cleaning methods; precision measuring and crack detection on cast iron and aluminum engine parts; engine cylinder reboring and precision honing with torque plates; cylinder head and block deck milling, including square decking on V-type engine blocks; cylinder head rebuilding, including valve guide and seat replacement, spring seat machining, and special valve seat forming with carbide cutters; removal of press-in rocker-arm studs; machining of screw-in-rocker-arm studs; and the use of precision horizontal honing machines for reconditioning connecting rods, honing piston pin bosses, and other small bores found on automotive engine components.

3 Credits: 1.50 Lecture, 4.50 Lab