Course Descriptions

Vocational Education


Survey course that provides an overview of the history and philosophies of education for employment in the United States. Focus on important current issues, as well as emerging future trends in education and the work force. Discussion covers vocational education in the United States from 1917 to present day and explores trends in education for work force development. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) As needed.

Early Field Experience


Learning experience that includes a series of planned visitations and assessments of secondary vocational classroom processes and procedures. Students will observe classes, interview teachers and administrators of secondary programs, and report on findings. The intent is to focus the student's educational development on the professional roles and responsibility of a career vocational educator. 1 Credit (0 Lecture - 5 Internship) Corequisite(s): VOC100. As needed.

Vocational Education Co-Op Work Experience


Exploring the activities and operations of a defined discipline provides valuable insights to industry required outcomes of employees. The Co-op experience is designed for the future educators to evaluate the differences in strategies used to achieve desired industry outcomes. A variety of identifiers will be generated for each experience. The responsibility of researching an industry participant for this experience will be the responsibility of the student. 1 Credit (0 Lecture - 5 Co-op)

Vocational Education Co-Op Work Experience


As a continuation of the prior Co-op experience, this course will provide the basis for determining strategies for the delivery of educational outcomes in a defined discipline. Specific criteria will be used to establish a teaching plan and an assessment tool related directly to site visitations and an experiential work based activity. 1 Credit (0 Lecture - 5 Co-op)