Spanish Courses

Workplace Spanish I


Introduction to and guided practice of essential elements of Spanish needed for oral communication with the growing Hispanic labor force in the workplace. Oral exercises focus on correct pronunciation using common vocabulary for necessary job-site interactions. Students will also locate and learn to use (with appropriate cultural discrimination) websites and other resources to help them interview, direct, evaluate and collaborate with workers on the job. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): ENL111. (Cultural Diversity)

Beginning Spanish I


Fundamentals of Spanish language with emphasis on oral communication. Fundamental grammar that is necessary for conversing about everyday situations is stressed. General topics including telling time; weather; introducing and describing self, family, and friends; days and dates; expressing creature comfort (hunger/thirst/etc.); and using vocabulary and verbs that are used in telling location, emotions, and destination. The two basic present tenses are studied. Intended for students with no language experience or for students who have had up to two years of Spanish instruction more than two years ago. 3 Credits (3 Lecture)

Beginning Spanish II


Continued study intended to broaden and enhance oral and written Spanish language skills. Extensive vocabulary and essential conversation patterns are presented and practiced in the areas of sports, food and dining, clothing and shopping, travel and leisure, parts of the body, and medical expressions. The two basic present tenses are reviewed and the two most commonly used past tenses are studied. Students with two or more recent years of documented Spanish instruction may request that the prerequisite be waived. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): SPA111.


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