Technology and Global Social Issues


Study of historical advances in technology and the process of simultaneous formation of a "global village" creating various present day global social problems. Emphasis on the interdependence of all societies in dealing with the continuous advances of technology that are creating global social problems. Topics discussed within a global framework include the history of technological advancement, competition in trade, economy and globalization of work, culture, civil society, religion, political system, resources and environment, social stratification, population growth and movement of people, global cities, changes in family structures and gender roles, women (brides, nannies, maids, sex workers), flow of information of ideas, security and world wars, crimes, genocide worldwide and universal human rights, global/local connections and increased racism/nationalism, social movements against globalization, future of globalization. (Cultural Diversity,Science, Technology and Society)

3 Credits: 3 Lecture

ENL121; or