Surgical Technology Practice II


Beginner II-level study of operating room principles and procedures, including the application of basic skills learned in the laboratory setting. Applied skills include understanding the roles of all members on the operating room team, the basic "flow" of the operating room, and the procedure to scrub, gown, and glove without contamination back table set up mayo stand set up; the opening of sterile supplies; and the basics of instrument handling. Clinical requirements: 70 clock-hours minimum, additional hours assigned as appropriate for student’s benefit, not to exceed 90 clock hours; second scrub a minimum of three experiences and first scrub a minimum of four experiences. Appropriate record keeping is the responsibility of the student. Summer Only.

1.50 Credits: 0 Lecture, 4.50 Clinical

SGT116, SGT130

BIO125 and HTH115 and SGT107 and SGT110 and SGT112