General Surgical Procedures


Study of general surgical procedures, including devices, techniques, and wound characteristics. Topics relating to wounds include types of wounds, inflammation, and the phases of healing. Other topics include sutures, accessory devices, surgical staplers, and suture needles; techniques used in preoperative diagnoses and opening and closing of surgical wounds; relevant anatomy of, and indications for, surgery; patient preparation; special equipment and supplies; and purpose and expected outcomes of the surgery, as well as possible complications. Expectations include the ability to apply these topical areas in clinical practice situations. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology are re-enforced from the surgical technology perspective. The elements of general surgery as they pertain to the surgical technologist are presented. Integration and re-enforcement of medical terminology, pathology, specific anatomical structures, surgical instruments, supplies, and drugs. Summer Only.

4 Credits: 3 Lecture, 3 Lab

SGT120, SGT130

BIO125 and HTH115 and SGT107 and SGT110 and SGT112