The Science of Spaceflight


Investigation of the history and science of spaceflight, including the social, political, historical, and scientific implications of the space program since President Eisenhower initiated the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1958. Topics include the political and economic implications of the space program, basic science of propulsion and trajectories, operational facts about the space shuttle, basic physical laws that govern spaceflight and planetary motion, living and working in space, spacesuit design, overview of our solar system, satellites, Hubble Space Telescope, global positioning, robotics, the space station, future ventures into space, and the effect space technology has on society. Emphasis on conceptual models, although some mathematical analysis and problem solving is involved. (Science, Technology and Society)

3 Credits: 3 Lecture

ENL111 and MTH006; or
ENL111 and Placement by Examination