Course Descriptions

Applied Typography and Design


Introduction to the concepts of electronic typography and the fundamentals of layout and design for creating documents in electronic forms. Topics include history of type, classifications of type, design principles, software and hardware components, and outputting to various devices. Popular software packages are used to create, edit, and print various documents. 3 Credits (2 Lecture - 3 Lab)

PreMedia I


Focused study of digital hardware and software applications used in the graphic imaging workflow, with particular emphasis on image editing of grayscale and line art images. Topics include computer platforms, operating system functions, and application software used in the imaging process, digital scanners, storage devices, output devices, troubleshooting, and maintenance. 3 Credits (2 Lecture - 3 Lab)

PreMedia II


Advanced study of digital color systems. Through study and practice, investigates techniques for scanning, color correcting, proofing, and evaluating color images. Application of color management technology to create International Color Consortium (ICC) color profiles, calibrate system components and use profiles in color workflow. 3 Credits (2 Lecture - 3 Lab) Prerequisite(s): PNP128. Spring Only.



Practical experience working in a printing and publishing firm by focusing on a technical or managerial project that requires pre-determined, work-related objectives that have been mutually established by the student, a faculty adviser, and the employer. 3 Credits (0 Lecture - 15 Lab) Prerequisite(s): PNP252.