PLP Psychology Elective

  • PSY100 - Applied Psychology (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY111 - General Psychology (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY201 - Abnormal Psychology (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY203 - Developmental Psychology (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY210 - Child Psychology (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY225 - Psychological Disorders of Childhood (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY235 - Neuropsychology (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY241 - Social Psychology (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY260 - Psychology of Human Sexuality (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY266 - Gerontology and Aging (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY320 - Behavior Modification (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY340 - Theories of Personality and Psychotherapy (Electives:SSE)

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