Photography Courses

Digital Photography


Instruction in the art, technique, and applications of digital photography. Balanced emphasis on digital technology, visual design concepts, professional applications, and the aesthetics of digital photography. Course work develops competency in non-destructive digital workflow, from capture to output systems. Topics cover the basic principles of digital imaging, visual problem solving, digital file formats, the editing and manipulation of color and monochrome images, and the application of digital images to both print and new media. Students must have access to a digital camera with manual controls for the aperture and the shutter. 3 Credits (2 Lecture - 3 Lab) (ART)

Fine-Art Photography


Study designed to promote artistic development and visual literacy as well as help the student identify, articulate, and define a personal vision. Technical emphasis on refining the craft of print making and advancing the knowledge of photographic equipment and darkroom techniques. Further emphasizes the history, aesthetics, and contemporary issues as they relate to photography. All students must have access to a 35mm camera with a light meter. Cameras with manual controls for the shutter and aperture are preferred. 3 Credits (2 Lecture - 3 Lab) Prerequisite(s): PHO101 or PHO150. (ART) As needed.



Techniques and methods of photographing people, places, and events for publication and public display. Explores the use of the photographic image in narrative, documentary, and editorial forms; emphasizes the intuitive photographic response to current events on and off campus. 3 Credits (2 Lecture - 3 Lab) Prerequisite(s): PHO101 or PHO150. As needed.

Commercial Photography


Study providing a broad experience in applied photography. Emphasis on the use of large-format view cameras and on studio lighting techniques. Further emphasis on visual communication and creative problem solving. Covers studio portrait, small-product rendering, and concept illustration. 3 Credits (2 Lecture - 3 Lab) Prerequisite(s): PHO101 or PHO150. As needed.


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