Community and Public Health


Study employing a combination of lecture, guest speakers, and site visits (based on availability) to help orient the student to issues in public health and to the social service agencies available as referral sites for patients. Topics covered include services and facilities that address issues such as the maintenance of health, disease prevention, emotional problems of daily living, substance abuse, and family planning. Emphasis on issues related to the provision of health care to a culturally diverse population. The cultural backgrounds of patients and their community and public health needs are explored, and students will participate in activities and/or assignments that emphasize the impact of ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation on the community and health care. Course work includes a minimum of 12 pages of formal documentation written throughout the course as well as informal writing assignments. This documentation helps students develop their understanding of the material and their counseling and referral skills. 2 Credits (2 Lecture) (Cultural Diversity, Writing Enriched) Summer Only.